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Sounds painful. Salad on the menu?
 I actually find the 1Plus2 to fit better with the spiral dot tips. It was then a perfect seal and fit IMO. The Ref 1 still tend to create too much suction and I don't like that at all.
 Look into the Spiral Dot tips. I feel these are perfect for the 1Plus2 and work good on the Ref 1 also. But fit wise they fit perfectly for me on 1Plus2. Perfect seal every time.
How much are you selling them for?   Edit: Don't mine me. I'm blind today. For some reason was thinking 1Plus2. Now I'm debating on getting one again :P.
 The expression on your avatar matches well with the last sentence ;).
Haven't tried that amp. What will you be using it with IEMs? If so also make sure the amp doesn't hiss. I use a Tralucent T1 amp for portable and the Triad L3 with psu at home.
 Mod your 120 to the S-mod and you should be in heaven with a good amp. Should be sonically superior still to the AK240 but you won't have all the bells and whistles of that DAP.
You got PM
Micah. Good stress reliever.
 I did like them for rock a bit. Same for the Sui. But a lot of the time Rock music just gets too aggressive with them. The SE5 is by far the best IEM I've heard for rock.
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