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 You shoulda tried the 120 S-mod ;).
So far I could tell there were some minor differences between the later firmwares. I don't think I've tried the latest one yet though? But 1.0 vs the other ones is significantly different for me.
 This isn't only exclusive of the X5. The DX100 and AK120 both very much showed sound signatures variations with different firmwares. Some even for the worse. Ibasso nor Irver intended to change the sound quality with these fixes but it did. Just from altering the code I gather. Who knows that could relate to many things such as power draw, memory optimization, etc.
I most definitely notice a change from 1.00 vs the newer firmwares. Personally I've gone back to 1.00 due to that. The Sui is particularly revealing of such nuances. Took it from wow to I want to sell the X5
You remind me of that one guy who use to post here as well as kiteki =)
They are more geared towards money than their customers IMO. At least when compared to Fiio that is. Wouldn't hold my breath lol.
 Would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this h20 ;).
 The S-mod with 1Plus2 sounds heavenly. I kinda have my doubts the AK240 compares to the S-mod when hearing comments the 901 still beats the 240. At least going from comments of someone I trust, he stated the AK100 S-mod is a clear upgrade to the Hifiman 901 with its best amp card. With the 120 S-mod being significantly better than the 100 S-mod.
 He's probably listening pretty loud or his daughter has really good hearing ;). I doubt the noise leakage would be an issue for most people. It isn't like an open can in that regards.
 I paid about $70 for my ear impressions and she did a great job.
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