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They never offered custom version. Gavin considered it but found it not feasible due to the unique design of the chamber required to keep the sound intact. Just not possible really. Would be nice though....
 True. I figured people would have enough sense to know that spending this kind of money to begin with.... Rule of thumb is use a source with less than 1 ohm... The AKG3003 in particular is quite brutal to your sources due to its impedance of 8.
 That's if the K10 can fit your ears also lol. It's 10 drivers so possible it won't either...
I was shocked when I first listened to that album. Also really good on the Suis.
 With more time with the SE5 I found it to do rock the best by far. The newer stuff with less dynamic range sounds better on SE5. 1Plus2 for me excelled in music with high dynamic range or classical. Such as Great Film Fantasies - Kunzel (Star wars, Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter) DSD.
Sounds interesting. How is the build on them? Good warranty support?
 I'm not sure. I never had sibilance issues with my pair. The only way I could see it being an issues if for those who listen at excessive volume levels? That alone is dangerous and will damage your ears in the long run. I listened at regular volumes and didn't have such issues. The Flat 4 Sui has more sibilance to my ears yet it is also quite smooth at the same time.
 Don't think you'll find better than the 1Plus2 for classical concerning IEMs. Well the AKG3003 follows suite in that category IMO. The SE5 nor the 8A do classical justice. If the K10 is anything like those I doubt it will do it justice as well.
 K10 are BA. If you are willing to use a proxy I'd go for SE5 all the way for sound quality alone. That or NT6 if you are more of neutral fan. Can't really comment too much on the Refs I got because the balance is off on the set I have. Won't really know how good they are until I get a replacement in. But with a couple well recorded songs I could tell these really have potential. The detail in the mids, bass and treble is incredible... Bass goes the lowest I've heard on an...
The 1Plus2 is the best IEM I've heard for classic so far. It has both BA and Dynamic though.
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