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 Oh LOL :p
 Not everyone here has to be filling a social void to be simply posting on headfi. They could genuinely be interested in headphones/audio gear and would like to share those experiences with others.
 Not necessarily :P. But I could see your point of view.
 Maybe they're having an extremely good time posting :P.
Yea same here. Though I'm a bit put off by the price and knowing this cable may change the sound characteristics of my FX850s :(. I like how they sound as is...
Anyone know where you can get a replacement stock cable for these? I like the stock cable. It lasted long enough. Just seems they are not readily available...
Funny that you say that as I thought you posted here to keep it alive.
I love avocados :). California roll poke mmm :P
What about surrender september
What about Sacrilegious September?
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