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The unit has poor dynamic range (music is cluttered and congested). The bass is bloated and the upper-mids/lower treble is emphasized where it is fatiguing. The Fiio X5 crushes the AK100 IMO and for less money. I owned the RWA AK100 and was very disappointed in that purchase. The AK120 on the other hand really impressed me and I kept that unit. I modded it to the S-mod which is much better than even the AK120.
 I had the RWA AK100 which is supposedly superior to the AK100. I thought it was a POS next to the Studio V 3rd ANV and at more than double its cost...
I dont consider the O2 amp to be dead neutral. If anything the O2 is colored itself. Overly sterile and very foward/aggressive. Yet its sound staging is stretched very wide making for an unnatural sound. Due to this the sound lacks depth.
 I actually found the X5 to have a hint of bass emphasis (warmer). I wonder if the new firmware changed that or you could just be use to elevated bass levels.
I remember hearing hiss on the 601 but the 3rd ANV may be even worse. I'm not really sure now as I haven't heard the 601 in so long. The 3rd ANV was generally a non issue with hiss. But you can hear it with no music going and you pause the music. I'd say 95% of  the time it was a non issue for me though.
The Hifiman 601 is a warm sounding player and not even in the same league as the 3rd ANV.... You might have a preference to a more laid back and warmer sound (muddy to some extent). The Colorfly C3 isn't very warm. It does have some warmth but not what I'd call warm like the 601. The Studio V is a clarity and detail monster. If you love detail and air it is a very good player.
Just preordered from mp4nation. Now the long wait... :P. Let's hope third times a charm (2 broken SFLO2s to the door lol).
Believe me there is much better to  be had. The Sui is on a different level than the IE80 and it is similarly priced. This is coming from someone who had both the IE8 and IE80 and upgraded the cables on them. The FX850 is also clearly superior to the IE80 in every way. Still the IE8/IE80 got me started on my journey here and they will always have a special place in my heart :P.
I really like the Flat 4 Suis
 Having IEMs like the UERM makes it quite easy honestly. With the Tralucent I never used the 7550s anymore. They are good but once you move up you do see their flaws compared to the other IEMs. It just raises the bar and makes going back to the previous IEM that much harder. I found myself not enjoying my music trying to re-assimilate instead of enjoying the music.
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