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Nice :-)
Lol lovely pics
 Also what DAP are you using with them? That can help out some (synergy). Tips also very important.
 Best bet would be for him to give samples of these tracks where the anomaly is happening and see if anyone else with X5s can exhibit the same issue. If so it's pretty much an issue with the files themselves.
Sounds painful. Salad on the menu?
 I actually find the 1Plus2 to fit better with the spiral dot tips. It was then a perfect seal and fit IMO. The Ref 1 still tend to create too much suction and I don't like that at all.
 Look into the Spiral Dot tips. I feel these are perfect for the 1Plus2 and work good on the Ref 1 also. But fit wise they fit perfectly for me on 1Plus2. Perfect seal every time.
How much are you selling them for?   Edit: Don't mine me. I'm blind today. For some reason was thinking 1Plus2. Now I'm debating on getting one again :P.
 The expression on your avatar matches well with the last sentence ;).
Haven't tried that amp. What will you be using it with IEMs? If so also make sure the amp doesn't hiss. I use a Tralucent T1 amp for portable and the Triad L3 with psu at home.
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