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Yeah I think they are tuned slightly tuned different and the wooden faceplate also has some impact on the sound. Gavin recommends the carbon fiber plates for the best sound on the 1Plus2.
 Did you let them run in? Usually the cable will have to break in before it will sound its best.
Nah the X3 firmware is better overal IMO. :P. Still the firmware on AK120 is quite useable and not much to complain about.
lol mimouille. I'd say that is the Ref 1 but just branded under Ranko. Same for the uber cable... They also have/had the 1Plus2 branded under Ranko which has wooden faceplates.
 Gavin owns Ranko Audio. It is his US branch of the company...
Silver cable seems to balance them out the most.
 Get CIEMs instead if you are considering that route. The FX850s aren't meant to be made into customs. It will impact the sound and for the worse... Dynamic drivers don't play well in random, confined spaces. The shell is made the way it is to accommodate the sound. BAs aren't affected so much by this as dynamic drivers are.
There is something special though about open design IEMs that you just won't get from any closed design. The staging and air. Then again the FX850 isn't up to par with the Suis in that regards.
I can't argue there. But I've used them in public before and didn't have to pump it up too loud to get good effect. But they aren't sealed so of course isolation isn't its strong point. But being an open design and with spiral tips they give me pretty darn good isolation for an open design. If I recall correctly it isolated even better than the IE80. If you are really concerned about isolation go for custom :). Speaking of which, when I commute to work I wear my Flat 4...
  Actually they do pretty good even for commuting. The elevated bass on them helps to drown out sound. This results in a more neutral signature also lol.
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