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Funny that you say that as I thought you posted here to keep it alive.
I love avocados :). California roll poke mmm :P
What about surrender september
What about Sacrilegious September?
Or Airy-August. Lots of air in the room ;)
 Well unless you try it and decide for yourself you won't know for sure. I tried it. Was not impressed with the Kaede honestly compared to the Sui. Sold it as well as my 8A and bought the SE5. No comparison on that end though.
 Had the Kaede at one point. Still have the Sui. I did feel the Kaede was too aggressive for me vs the Sui. I still think the Sui has a ton of treble extension by far and I really enjoy that. Its on the edge of being too much even for me. But it has such an enjoyable sound and I can easily turn it up too loud.
 I never liked the Kaede or Suis with the complys. The comply tips muffle the treble and increase bass for me. Really enjoy the large TF10 gray tips from UE on these IEMs.
I did own the original Kaede and ended up selling it due to preferring the Sui. The Kaede was too aggressive for me and I'd ended up fatigued on short listening sessions. The Sui had more bass as well from what I recall. Note not all have experienced the same issue.In terms of price to performance the Sui is a steal of a deal IMO. Same for FX850.
How about Auspicious-August.   Funny. Not sure if you guys have ever heard a song you couldn't make out the lyrics to in a tangible sense. Not at least until hearing it again. Then you don't hear that song for several years. And it irks you because you really liked the song. That song for me was Creep by Stone Temple Pilots. Love that song :).  
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