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 I think toxic has some pretty nice cables for the IE80s. They are a bit more on the pricey side though. I got mine from zeroshoe on ebay when he use to sell pure silver cables. Was like $120 I think? Was definitely a downgrade in portability but I felt the sound it brought was worth it in the end. Depending on how much you might spend on a cable I would really suggest using that money towards and upgrade IEM such as the FX850 or Flat 4 Sui. While the IE80 is a great IEM...
 EQ has never worked for me. Would always end up constantly changing EQ and it would sound off at some point. Just taints the sound. Rather have a flat source that is highly resolving. IMO you won't get the same changes that a cable can bring vs EQ. I've tried, no go.
It's not just about the fit. The IE8/IE80 are very sensitive IEMs. They pick up hiss quite easily. The 8A and To Go 334 are a bit more sensitive though.
No those are from Rankos website.
They probably look like Frankenstein bolts lol :P
 Take it from someone who experienced silver cable making my IE8s sound atrocious. It was a complete turn around after running them in. The IE8s were extremely sibilant, harsh sounding and thin with the new cable. After I ran them in for about 3 or 4 days it sounded so much better. I did not listen to them while they were running in as they sounded that bad. Your opinion is your own but that is my experience. Could care less if you can hear any difference. But I can.
Yeah I think they are tuned slightly tuned different and the wooden faceplate also has some impact on the sound. Gavin recommends the carbon fiber plates for the best sound on the 1Plus2.
 Did you let them run in? Usually the cable will have to break in before it will sound its best.
Nah the X5 firmware is better overal IMO. :P. Still the firmware on AK120 is quite useable and not much to complain about.
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