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That I can understand.
Lol I'm confused here? Seems you are saying so ething similar to what I am. Lost in teanslation...
 I'm saying the stock chips in the AK120 are not capable of true DSD playback on the fly. Where the processing is done via hardware instead of software. At least that is what I gathered. But the chips used in the S-mod are capable of it. But there is no such software to enable the feature.
 The S-mod chips used (Wolfsons flagship) are not hardware limited to that. It is software limited in this case. The original chips that came with the stock AK120 is limited though as it doesn't have that feature to do native DSD playback implemented into the chip.
I prefer to use it on low gain with my IEMs. On high gain things get a tad thick and more intimate.
 The peak is childs play next to the EX1000 ;). Even the Sui is childs play next to that :P.
 I felt this way regarding the stock cable vs the gold cable from Tralucent (old version). With the original cable I felt the mids were a bit harsh and edgy. Very revealing but not as smooth at I'd like. The gold cable fixed that. Gave it a more romantic presentation and smoother across the board.
I dont consider them bright but i dont think they are really lacking in the treble either. Its just on the smoother side.
Don't forget to mention "so expensive" as well...
I'm apt to believe what mimouille says. While my iphone4 sounded not half bad there is much better to be had for DAPs. Just depends if it is worth it to you or if you can hear those differences for yourself. For those who can't. Well good for you. Save your money. Doesn't mean others can't hear things that you can't though.
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