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Figured the more pricey unit would be the better sounding ... (Just kidding).
Yeah live rock is sick on these. Rob Zombie live was sublime.
 The Triad L3 is my fav so far with the 120s. I hook it up to the PSU and it sounds even better. For portability I use the Tralucent T1 amp. I preferred this amp to the internal amp on the DX100 :).   I use mine with the Spiral Ear SE5 and the Tralucent Ref 1. But it pairs good with all my IEMs including the FX850 and Suis.
The tips are pricey but I think they were worth it.
You'd think with a custom fit you wouldn't need these things . I used ear lube initially unil my ears adapted to the SE5s. It can still be used to help with seal/fit/comfort. Just make sure not to get into the sound tubes.On the Ref 1s the Spiral dots still take first place. The Custom fit sounds interesting too.
 Go for Flat 4 Sui. Best pairing I've heard with it so far based on synergy.
 Not necessarily. You could have had something superior in sound quality and then get use to the unit that is lacking and not miss the superior sound. Just really depends.
Lol fat chance
Our pockets could though :D
 Your ears got use to the downgrade ;). Just kidding... :D
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