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I haven't got a chance to listen to Rock-It Sounds R50 but I was very pleased with Etymotic Research HF5. Their sound is very similar to Phonaks although they have got a bit stronger lows, a bit less detail (just a tiny bit) in mids and highs.
In other forum they have reccomended Rock-it R-50 and after I have read many reviews I am going for it.
I moved to this thread:
Hi,   I am really confused when it comes to which in-ear monitors to go for next. I really loved the sound of those Phonaks with grey filters and comply so I am looking for something with same direction and better. I was searching high and low - found recs for Vsonic GR 07 and Etymotic hf3 + I have got recs for Dynamic Motion DM200H and Trinity Phantom Master 4. I have absolutely no idea which way to go... Price is a thing too - max up to 200 bucks. Please let me...
Somebody has recommended me Trinity Phantom Master 4 as a replacement. I have absolutely no idea which way to go now...
Does anybody know where could I find them for a good price? I am from Europe and cannot find a good offer via google. They are priced with a tag almost touching 400 bucks on amazon.
I have got the same question as thetest10 : I need an alternative or improvement (when it comes to reproduction of sound) to PFE111 with grey filters and comply. I was thinking of Vsonic GR 07 or Etymotic hf3. I bought Hifiman RE-400 but am very disappointed by build quality as the cable broke open after some months. The sound was OK but nowhere near Phonak's clarity. What do you guys think could be similar to PFE111?
Hello, I do not want to create a new thread about the same issue. Last time I bought Behringer MS40 but I was not satisfied...  Firstly I am looking for speakers to my macbook pro 6,2. I listen mostly to heavy metal however sometimes to oldies. I have just integrated sound card which should be able to send the sound through light (digitally) but it is somehow not working. My budget is about 300 EUR = 380 USD for pair. As I know you people like to recommend the...
i decided for phonak (still confused by q-jays) your list is full of specific headphones in some way - sound and also you need to put them deep in your ear my 2 headphones are maybe more average but average in each way (that's why I choosed them)
i've already dicided
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