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Hello, I do not want to create a new thread about the same issue. Last time I bought Behringer MS40 but I was not satisfied...  Firstly I am looking for speakers to my macbook pro 6,2. I listen mostly to heavy metal however sometimes to oldies. I have just integrated sound card which should be able to send the sound through light (digitally) but it is somehow not working. My budget is about 300 EUR = 380 USD for pair. As I know you people like to recommend the...
i decided for phonak (still confused by q-jays) your list is full of specific headphones in some way - sound and also you need to put them deep in your ear my 2 headphones are maybe more average but average in each way (that's why I choosed them)
i've already dicided
Hello, i would like to know how sound q-jays without amplifier. Because they have little sensitivity and higher impedance and I really want to know if my iPhone 3GS is able to feed them. Thank you very much
ok i have read all reviews already
thank you for information so sf5 are out
Hello everybody, i am going to buy new in-ear headphones with balanced armature driver around 100€. I want to decide between these: Etymotic ER6i, Etymotic HF3, Ultimate Ears 600vi, Ultimate Ears SF5vi, JAYS q-JAYS, PHONAK Audéo PFE 111, Westone 1 Do somebody has any of them? I would like to know some practical things which are hard to find on reviews and internet generally. For example: What is wire/cable like? Isn't the microphone and control panel/buttons...
I have just bought Behringer. Edifier speakers you mentioned are not available in my country.
Yeah? could you be more specific? which one for +/-100Euro?
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