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No cracking has been reported for over two years now. I think it's safe to buy.
As long as they work, cable is intact, and nothing seems to move inside, it seems everything is fine. So, don't worry about. :)
@SleathX1 - I wanted to take a photo of them, but the angle of view, because of the headband, makes them look similar in size, which in reality is not true. The HD 598 pads are both larger and deeper. Comfort should not be a problem at all.
I just found a video on youtube. I don't know if it was posted before, but it seems they are faking the HD 598's aswell. So be carefully when you buy it.  
That's weird. I had two pairs and none of them distorts. Though i'm not sure, it's your microphone too sensitive or you're playing them extremely loud. They definitely shouldn't be used as portable speakers.    Is this distortion present when you have them on head at a normal listening volume? If not, maybe you just have reached their limits. But if there is, indeed sounds like a defective unit. 
I thought that's what i did. You don't have to sell them if you don't want to. Keep them! But then, you can still buy another pair to complement the HD 598. It's kind of difficult to have one pair that excels at everything.    I bought the Aurvana for the same reason. I wanted more bass without losing the voice & highs quality. Aurvana does all of these well. The soundstage it's not nearly as wide as on the Sennheiser's, but it has outstanding imaging, bass texture and...
Or you can keep them, and buy a pair of Creative Aurvana's like i did. It's cheaper than an amp, and you will get more bass on the CAL! than an amp will provide to the HD 598. 
Actually i don't like tone corrections, hence i never use them, either software or on the amp itself. Everything is on flat (zero).  So why it does sounds better with more "muscle"? I'm afraid i don't have a technical explanation, on the amp manual it doesn't say a word on the specs of the amplifier headphone's output.   The sound fullness doesn't changes even if i press the Direct button to bypass the amp own equalizer.    I've tried the Loudness button before, but...
I would say to give it a try! I use mine with a speaker amp aswell, and they pair very well. Everything sounds much better with the amp than on PC alone or portable sources (mp3 player, mobile phone, tablet etc.) The biggest difference is the bass, that has a lot more presence with the amp. Without it it's kind of light, no wonder people say the cans are bass light, but that's not true, it matters on what you're using them, regardless of what it says on the box (optimised...
I think it's a good idea to contact Sennheiser. Their customer services proved to be at high level. Some people received even brand new pairs when sending one for repair. Or they received HD 598s when they sent old HD 595s for repair. (as mentioned in reviews on amazon.com)    Now i'm not saying it will happen to anyone. Might depend on the severity of the problem. But you never know without trying. I've got very fast responses when i had to replace my broken HD 598...
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