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Count me in this time for sure! I'll bring my PRO900's, Q40's, ODAC, LD I+, ZO2.3 and my Atrio (have load of spare tips) 
Been reading about these CIEM's a lot now and they really got me interested! Europe based, good quality builds and the price! It all looks to good to be true. But anyway down to the questions  I am a sworn basshead and I really love my Atrio but the fit is not the best for me and I have been thinking about CIEM's for a while now (almost pulled the trigger on the Aurisonics a while back) soooo the question would be which model would be best suited for somebody who just...
Hey everyone! Up for sale are my mint condition Q40's. They come with all the original packaging and accessories + Beyer vinyl pads. I have only used these for around 5 hours max since I use my Atrio on the go and at home I prefer my PRO900s. There are no signs of wear whatsoever. Bought these from dv247 and the pads from hifiheadphones. Receipts are included for both of these.   Would prefer pick up in London but willing to ship. Asking 80£ cash for...
IMHO there is nothing out there that can beat the Atrio. I have owned some of the basshead IEMs and none of them can touch Atrio. I love them so much that I have ordered a new pair to replace my broken pair which served me nearly two years of daily abuse. I can go as far as saying that I prefer the Atrio's bass over the PRO900 and the Q40 :) The bass just smacks you in the head! :)
I would suggest ZO 2.3. I have owned the E11 for a while it is definitely a very good amp and is capable of driving most full size headphones. But I have sold the E11 and kept the ZO. ZO will also smooth out those highs a bit as it gives a little bit darker sound. And the bass boost of Zo does miracles with the Atrio's bass  
Well sitting in front of a PC doesn't make me sweat. To me personally this is not an issue.
Get yourself some XB700 pads (I know they cost a lot try finding a broken pair) These will provide superior comfort, better isolation and bass.
Listening to my new Q40's  ODAC >LD I+>Q40's + something like this (FLAC sounds A LOT better) =    These do have more sub-bass than the PRO900's. When I was listening to them yesterday to this song when the bass hit the first time I jumped from my chair  (but again FLAC sounds much much better)   At first I didn't like these that much but I think they are really benefiting...
Hey mate. Which tubes are these that you are/were using? They look pretty nice. I want to find some tubes that glow pretty bright (just for the looks )
I should be bringing my GF's laptop so I can hook up my E-DAC cause my only other source is a S9 which is nearing it's retirement 
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