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Amazing how that works isn't it 468. No matter how many contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways you enter, your odds are as bad as they were before Head-Fi
There. Now it's actually directly from an anime, not a photoshopped mess from one.
I'm looking for something better than the mutated shot I currently have... though it is from an anime. Not sure what to use really, but I'll figure it out before too long.
I was running a 25' setup years before I cared about sound quality at all. I just needed to drown out the other people around and the receiver was on the other side of the room. My cables have gotten thicker since beginning to care though.
Did you use the GS-6 cable for that? I'm in need of some new stuff myself. Just curious how the Canare is in terms of stiffness.
Sure am. Gutted the HSS rout out of it to redo it as a HH already. Rewiring the whole thing (didn't really plan ahead when I ordered parts... orange drops are huge in there). Made a new nut from an old antler. Forget what all else has been done, but it's basically a different guitar than it was when I got it.It could use new tuners and a nicer bridge still, but I'm still hoping to eventually do something from the ground up, so no point in getting a bridge I don't really...
Mounting pickups like that (covers, blackouts, etc.) is a massive pain in a HH Strat pickguard. I can see why they're uncommon. Waiting on some more parts to get my passive EMG setup going properly.
If your physics class was like the one at my high school, they barely touched impedance. That is what we're dealing with here. Low impedance demands more current, high impedance demands more voltage. That's not to say you can't get a pair of 600Ω headphones that need more current than a pair of 250Ω headphones, it's just a rule of thumb when looking for things to match what you have or what you'll be getting.An iPod alone can pretty easily power most 16-70Ω phones as well...
It's much easier to find a (close to) perfectly flat and really neutral speaker rig. That doesn't mean they don't sound lifeless and boring. Million dollar setups are put together where the room is treated to make it as small a factor as possible in whatever negative aspects there were and as large a factor as need be in the positives. When it is available, and people are willing to spend $1M+ and not have a perfectly neutral room, I think it gives some indication that...
If you want TC, PM him or check out his ebay shop. If you're open to whatever, there are plenty of non-TC solutions as well. I'm not trying to turn you away from Frank's cables, just saying he's going to push his because, well, that's business, but no MOTs can talk cables here on the boards. You're only going to see so much of your options by asking a MOT directly, other people can recommend whatever they like since they're not profiting from any of it.
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