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There's two Os in there
Well based on that, it is microphonic then. The electrical impulse (the noise) is in the ear itself at the cochlea, the mechanical impulse is in the cable which triggers the electrical response. The definition I found right before that was not for the cochlea, it was for microphonics in electronics, which did alter electrical signals. This debate can go through every possible approach to where the microphonics are occurring and what is being altered as the definitions I've...
Merriam-Webster simply defines microphonics as "noises in a loudspeaker caused by mechanical shock or vibration of the electronic components"While it does not fit the definition of a "microphone" or "microphonic" as per Oxford or Merriam-Webster definitions, which do cite electrical responses directly, it is essentially the same thing in a mechanical sense instead. Since I am unaware of an alternate way of saying it (and I assume you do not have any better way of saying...
Epoxy, wooden dowels, metal tubing, heatshrink, amber, stones, etc. Anything can be used there if you like the way it looks.
Amazing how that works isn't it 468. No matter how many contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways you enter, your odds are as bad as they were before Head-Fi
There. Now it's actually directly from an anime, not a photoshopped mess from one.
I'm looking for something better than the mutated shot I currently have... though it is from an anime. Not sure what to use really, but I'll figure it out before too long.
I was running a 25' setup years before I cared about sound quality at all. I just needed to drown out the other people around and the receiver was on the other side of the room. My cables have gotten thicker since beginning to care though.
Did you use the GS-6 cable for that? I'm in need of some new stuff myself. Just curious how the Canare is in terms of stiffness.
Sure am. Gutted the HSS rout out of it to redo it as a HH already. Rewiring the whole thing (didn't really plan ahead when I ordered parts... orange drops are huge in there). Made a new nut from an old antler. Forget what all else has been done, but it's basically a different guitar than it was when I got it.It could use new tuners and a nicer bridge still, but I'm still hoping to eventually do something from the ground up, so no point in getting a bridge I don't really...
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