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Alright. K702 and Q701 have both been out there among the top possibilities of my new phones for a long time now so I guess the reassurance is a good thing. Now the question is... what color should I get?
How important is an amp in running the Qs? Don't have anything particularly great to power them atm. Something is off with my speaker amp (hums when it's been on awhile... I think my tranny has loose windings) but I have used it for driving phones with some pretty good results before.
I didn't like how 'My Little Pony March' sounded either. FIM March does sound better between the two. I just said 'My Little March' since I thought the word Pony was the problem... not sure if I like it that much better.Dunno. Nice idea regardless... but I'll have to find a FIM pic I like (by March... yeah... that's a problem ) if we do keep FIM March the theme.
One or the other. Not doing both right now. If I do a Q701, my V6 will become my portable. If I do a portable, I'll keep my V6 at home or something.
So I can't use the terrifying old semi-realistic ponies from the old series? Why not just call it My Little March. Still has a M in it that way I can use this scary looking thing
I'm looking for something new now that my plans to eventually snag a set of orthos has fallen through. I definitely want a new set of open cans if I'm getting something full sized. I'm looking for some mids similar to what Grado gave me, not necessarily the same mids tonally, just somewhat forward like in the Grados. I'm a bit of a treblehead, so treble is good. I don't need a supertweeter on the side of my head, but what's a little too much for some shouldn't be too bad...
Two days from being exactly a year ago now. Original post was 8/4/11I've seen plenty of clear tubing. I've never seen it in a material I would want to use, but it's not hard to find clear tubing. As we seem to agree now, what people generically call Techflex, PET expandable tubing, is noisy, and the easy way to find clear tubing it to get PET tubing. If you want multifilament nylon, good luck, I have yet to see that in clear.
472. None of us can count very well (now we have 2 468s and no 471... yay!)
I didn't mean to word that in a way that made it sound like something analytical had less detail or any specific sound signature. I meant that you can be analytical without being flat across your FR, and you can be flat without having any detail or being analytical at all. Frequency response and detail retrieval do not have any real correlation was my point.
Analytic does not necessarily equal flat response. You could have something ruler flat that has so little detail you couldn't pull a gunshot out during a flute solo it's so messy. On the other hand, a lot of very "analytic" headphones/speakers simply have monster treble making the high end details stand out because they're boosted so heavily. That's not to say you can't have both, but they are not one in the same thing. Regardless of how it comes out, detailed, muddy,...
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