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The DT990 has been presented as having way too much bass for what I'm interested in. The treble may be alright for me, but I have no desire for something deemed a bass monster by some. The DT880 seems to be more along the lines of what I'd like, though the Q701 seems to have enough bass for me from what I understand of it. I've never heard them presented as having less bass than my Grados did and I had no problem with what they had. That's in no way to say I wouldn't like...
I heard the entire HD5x5 lineup shortly before they discontinued them and started the HD5x8s and hated every phone in it. Your description of the HD598 sounds like it has all the same issues I had with the 5x5s. I mentioned I am a bit of a treblehead, and every Senn I have heard to date is nearly the opposite of this aspect of my tastes. The fact that they are generally slower is also not in line with my tastes. No matter how good the bass is, it seems to get messy if they...
Well they may not be the best solution then I listen to way too much music that is poorly mastered to have something that needs well mastered music to show anything particularly special. I'm not sure how well they would fare with some of the mastering I have. As bad as some of it is, I don't want to feel like I can't listen to things anymore because they sound bad through new drivers. I will certainly be working on a new amp after I get something, but I definitely don't...
One thing we didn't really mention here yet... how are the mids on these? I haven't hear much mention of them. Treble and bass seem nearly perfect for me, but I'm not sure of the mids. I don't love the green on white look for some reason. They are always higher for some reason anyway. Black and green are equally appealing right now. Green is cheaper, but less than $10 cheaper, so I can't decide.
The O2 is basically the amp they throw in the DAC1 to make people happy after they already bought a high end DAC. I don't get why it's getting the praise it seems to have garnered. It's not particularly powerful, it is just accurate (once again, the reason something quite similar was thrown in with a very accurate DAC)Anyway... why stop at Esoteric's boring silver faced amps. We're all building these next
What color are the cables that come with them? Some pics show all green, some show a green and a black, and some show two black ones. Really don't know what to trust.
Alright. K702 and Q701 have both been out there among the top possibilities of my new phones for a long time now so I guess the reassurance is a good thing. Now the question is... what color should I get?
How important is an amp in running the Qs? Don't have anything particularly great to power them atm. Something is off with my speaker amp (hums when it's been on awhile... I think my tranny has loose windings) but I have used it for driving phones with some pretty good results before.
I didn't like how 'My Little Pony March' sounded either. FIM March does sound better between the two. I just said 'My Little March' since I thought the word Pony was the problem... not sure if I like it that much better.Dunno. Nice idea regardless... but I'll have to find a FIM pic I like (by March... yeah... that's a problem ) if we do keep FIM March the theme.
One or the other. Not doing both right now. If I do a Q701, my V6 will become my portable. If I do a portable, I'll keep my V6 at home or something.
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