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Not sure honestly. I have some 6' cables that work fine for data and power so it should work just fine. Do you have anything else you could try for a data connection to see if the cable does work for data? My charging cables for my PS3 are some of my better ones, and they've been used quite frequently for years now and still work without issue, so provided they haven't been battered, their age shouldn't be an issue. It could be an issue with the clip if the cable does...
I'm wondering if your 4ft is missing the data wiring and meant for charging specifically. I have something like a 20' A to Mini B that works for data, but the cable is cheap enough it will not power a lot of hub powered things unless they need next to none. If you get a decent (thicker cable with wires that don't snap at the slightest bend) cable, you should be fine with something like a 6' cable.
I was already looking forward to the next month. I have yet to change mine for September as it is still August... but I may steal your current black square as I like what it reminded me of here. Ahh well, whatever, if not that, I'll be on the lookout for something better.
Oddly, yours fits our September theme as is in a weird, gotta think about it (and know what the hell I'm thinking of) kind of way.Smell the Glove... 'nuff said.
RHCP - Stadium Arcadium (Vinyl)
I'm the opposite. I find the bare shell to be more attractive than the CF. Those plugs are just so nice on their own I wouldn't touch it.
You mentioned the Asgard above. I believe its output impedance is quite low. A nice low power speaker amp would be great here too. If the output power is too much (significantly so) you can tag a high power voltage divider on the outputs before your phones and keep the impedance down next to nothing if you do it right. I am in the process of doing it for mine, but at 75W @ 8Ω, it needs a lot of power handling in the resistors to get down to something like 5W @ 32Ω and...
How can you be sure? The only real way to tell the T50RP at that distance between the T20RP and T40RP is the rod color... and I'm not seeing anything obviously copper/brass colored there.
I guess I didn't take any as it would have been on my phone and I don't see it there. It looked a lot like your big one's vertical column, but the base was giant and it had, essentially a cavity in the center of it to fit the plastic les paul's curves and the strap button without tipping over. That rainbow mess was hideous though. At least yours is somewhat coherent in colors used. I think I may try some K'nex actually. The hard drive stand thing I built looks pretty...
Needed some of them for something else so it's been dismantled... Don't think I ever got a pic of it together. I'll look through some pic folders to check, but I think I neglected to take any. Wouldn't have done a decent job of hanging anything, and I'm pretty sure all of my parts that would be suitable are basically broken or lost.
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