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There was a connection? I thought Silent was just referencing the plans for My Little March that were mentioned awhile ago.
I could make a DAC based on the TOTL Wolfson... doesn't mean it would sound close to even middle of the line Cirrus Logic when designed properly.
The Cowons are better in some areas and worse in others. Really, it's just whatever looks best at the time of buying it for me. Each of these companies releases something good and something bad through their releases, so whatever is good when I need something is what I'll go after.Just using WAV as an example of how to not worry about formatting... no matter how bad it is for anything other than implementing into some program/game/etc for codec reasons
Everything supports WAV Cowon brags about their EQ too much. If it sounds good flat, I could care less how it sounds EQ'd, and quite a few iPods have pulled that off for me.
Compulsion to post a random number! 42! If you have the money, the space, and the desire, get as many as you want. Who's going to judge...actually, who cares if they do? Currently, due to lack of space and funding, I have 2: my MDR-V6 and my HAFX-35. I have no intention of setting a cap. If there's something I like the sound of that I can afford, I'll get it. Simple plan, but I don't see any real issues with it
Best cosmetically, best looking, best measuring, best sounding, best at their price point, etc? Best is very vague. I could go ahead and wrap those iBuds back in their plastic wrap, ship them to you, and say they were my "best for giving away" headphones and have done exactly what you asked.I know it's all a joke already, but why not bring my subjectivist side out again and say best is only best in your eyes in the context you place it in.
If Sony was nicer, I'd still have linux on my PS3 and I could rip things there. I never got it figured out enough over the short time I had linux on there to rip them.
Already had MGS4... no blu ray drive to even attempt this rip though. Way to go Sony, make magic and leave me stuck trying to find where in that massive game that track plays just to hear it!
Here you go:
I can definitely get you one for ten million. Hell, I'll be nice and get you two Sorry I can't help, but just for reference, do you want the 8 wire SR125i+ cable or the 4 wire SR80i and below cable?
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