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If you have music recorded in stereo (2.0) reproducing it with surround (5.1) is either combining the two for center, and doubling it in the rear with all lows passed to the subwoofer, or it's not actually using them all. Regardless, you're altering the input quite a bit from the original 2 point source to a new multi-output setup. 2.0 or 2.1/2.2 with a good musical subwoofer is going to be a better option for reproducing things recorded in stereo regardless, especially...
A pair of Indignias or Overnight Sensations (both DIY builds, but I believe PE may have both available as kits or possibly even pre-fabs) and a good chipamp (DIY, Topping, good Dayton boxes, some like Tripath) will blow that away on the music end of things. Unless of course you are using these at a larger distance or need them to be really loud. Both are small speakers and I'm talking about 25-50W amps so you can't expect miracles, but for nearfield or desktop stuff, this...
I never liked the original one. I thought the color was really ugly, but the phones were pretty nice looking. The new natural wood color looks much better, but everything I've heard about the sound, combined with the styling of it, says it should be a much darker color to me.And yet another ugly can out there:
The yoke ruined it for me. Hate what it did to the look.And as for wooden cups, I believe you forgot Audio Technica. The majority of ATs cups look nicer than Denon's (stock wooden Denon cups) if you ask me.
HD700, HD800, GS1000, PS1000, and MDR-Z1000 all come to mind as ugly ones.
I can honestly say that larger screens are not appealing to me. Apple has been playing it smart in keeping a phone that feels like a phone and not some damn dwarf tablet if you ask me.The RAM, the CPU, the battery. Those are things that, if you look back not too long ago, Apple was doing extremely smart in their computers. If you can run the largest competition out there to Windows on a single core PPC chip and 1/4 GB of RAM and have it run as smooth as they did, you're...
There was a connection? I thought Silent was just referencing the plans for My Little March that were mentioned awhile ago.
I could make a DAC based on the TOTL Wolfson... doesn't mean it would sound close to even middle of the line Cirrus Logic when designed properly.
The Cowons are better in some areas and worse in others. Really, it's just whatever looks best at the time of buying it for me. Each of these companies releases something good and something bad through their releases, so whatever is good when I need something is what I'll go after.Just using WAV as an example of how to not worry about formatting... no matter how bad it is for anything other than implementing into some program/game/etc for codec reasons
Everything supports WAV Cowon brags about their EQ too much. If it sounds good flat, I could care less how it sounds EQ'd, and quite a few iPods have pulled that off for me.
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