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Hi, I am interested in Artisan Silver Dream Pure Silver USB Cable. Do you have pictures? How about the condition?
Hi, I have some tubes for sale now:     Sophia princess 274b 20HR--$SOLDea.   Tung sol NOS 5AS4A black plates (like new)--$SOLDea. (practically new with about 10-15 hours on it. Beautiful sounding tube.)   NOS RCA 6EW7 6DE7(pairs)--$10 for each pair   6SN7 tubes(pairs)   Grey glass RCA--$SOLD for each pair (very low hours less than 40hrs)   Tung sol GT--$SOLD for each pair (very looked for tubes they have less than 50 hours on...
Hi, I am selling a brand new and factory sealed SHURE SRH940 ordered on May 17th and a like new pair of SE215 which is only used for one week. I bought both from the authorized dealer, earphone solutions, so that both of them are under two years warranty. The small size foam and silicon tips for SE215 will not be included but all other accessories will be included. I will also include the invoices for the warranty. I am asking SRH940 for $240 and SE215 for...
Does anyone compare T50p to Shure SRH940?
Enjoy it !! 
I have W1 and SE215. IMO, I like W1 more than SE215. W1 is more balanced than SE215, but if you like much of bass, you should go for SE215.
Very nice and compact system!! 
Yes, I just ordered one. It has been very cheap for the price but don't know if there would be more discount when July 4th.
SRH940 seems very interesting. Waiting for a nice review!
I also have a pair of DBA-02 to sell in US. Anyone please pm me if interested.    
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