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Yeah, they do leak a bit of sound. If theres a bit of background noise, you generally cant here a thing (by abit of background noise I mean, for instance, someone having a conversation ect). However if its completely silent, then yes, there is sound leakage - although it is not a massive problem..  If its any consolation, I have used these at University in the libary, and no one told me they were too loud. I was being extra aware aswell, didn't want to be 'that guy.
There are no scuffs at all, they are in like new pristine condition. And I would be happy to help with any warranty or repair problems.    Regards. 
They were purchased from amazon itself, not the marketplace still with the receit to prove it. The headphones are in Bristol.   Regards    
Hello, For sale we have here a pair of Ultrasone Pro 900's. These - while not completely new - have had less then 10 hours of listening time, and come fully boxed. Seriously good sounding headphones (the bass people talk about is not a myth), I am just selling because I need something smaller.  I am looking for about £200-250 (I am really not 100% sure on what price to be offering, so please make me an offer) and about £5 for shipping. Will come with receipt from...
    Thank you very much all for the information. I have been looking at the Solo and it was my main SS choice so I think I'm going to go with it. Plus it's easy to find in the UK which makes a nice change.   @dan S the description of the sound is exactly what I'm looking for, great information thank you :D 
Currently watching a used Wa3 on ebay at the moment that is going for a nice price. Would this be a good combo for the Denons? I don't want them to sound to laid back but still love that warm sound. I'm just worried I might lose the Denons great treble if paired with this amp.
Sorry to revive an older thread again but it seemed to be the best place to post, rather than opening up another new thread asking about amp choices.   anyway, on to the point. I am currently looking for an amp for my Denons, as I am currently running them through an old NAD 3020i stereo amp. I've been looking into tubes and was wondering whether anyone had tried them with a Schiit Valhalla? I've heard great things about the Woo audio tube amps aswell, but being in...
Currently looking for an amp for my Denons (I am using an old NAD 3020i stero amp at the moment).     Has anyone tried these cans with a Schiit Asgard? I'd love to know if they're a good match.
Hi, how much would postage to the UK cost?   Thankyou.
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