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Yeah I'll keep that in mind. Thanks again for the input people. 
  Yeah this might be the case. I do use them daily and certainly could be more careful with them. Still, I might  go ahead and try those custom cables just to try out. See if they respond better to the wear and tear I put my cables through. Thanks for the input! 
 It seems aptly that I ask this question now as I have the same inquiry about replacement cables for the IE80's as user ich1ban have asked.    I've had two stock cables in just about a year of owning the IE80's and they've both broken the exact same way (The plastic just under the hard plastic that connects to the earpiece itself have been notched by wear to showing the wires inside. Which leads to the metal wire being later completely exposed with metal wires...
And others say that he only has...One. 
Thanks, I'm really looking forward to receiving them!      I think you are fine regarding the "intruding" question. From my time at the forums there are several different brands here at head fi who have their own profiles to promote new products (I think, or at least posting news about them), maybe even do a competition and respond to user questions and such, so I don't think anyone will mind your presence here. So yeah welcome! 
Edit: Thanks for the tip but I think I've decided on the TMA-1's. No use scouring for THE ultimate headphone when you already want one that seems good, and since everyone is probably gonna end up recommending different 'phones just to make the decision process even harder. 
To bad these phones were a slight disappointment in the end. I've been looking for a pair of full size headphones and the studios tickled my fancy but reading about the sound on HF there definitely seem to be better headphones out there. However my search for info on the studios led me to the tma-1 which I think I'm gonna order soon. I think their more bassy sound signature will provide a nice contrast to my sennheiser IE 80's. 
I appreciate the offer but it's probably not worth the hassle :)   
Appreciate the tips and info. However I don't know where I'd find those tips in a store that ship them to Sweden. But I'm sure I'll be able to buy cheap replacement tips somewhere. Also I use the large size. Having had them for another day I get sense I'm listening to the music as it was meant to be heard. Everything is just so much clearer with the 80's which is a pretty awesome. Folk music sounds awesome on them.   
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