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This was my third fountain pen, but the fountain pen that really got me into the hobby.  I have the medium, and it is an amazingly smooth writer.  Still the most reliable writer I have (other than my Sailor 1911S.)
Anyone else see the Imocho ending?  Looks like Imocho is going to be saving anime for another season...
Just going to say, that is an amazing movie.  It just blows my mind just how much of a perfectionist old man Jiro is.
This guy...  Has fingers of steel... Really though, I wish they got rid of the ears and did something like a magnetic cap.  It is just such a shame that such a sleek design has those damn ears.
Yup, was hoping they were lurking somewhere in the deep crevices of the web.  If you haven't, I'd highly suggest you watch the series.  Downside, once you watch all the movies up to Mirai Fukuin, you will be waiting for subs too :3
Anyone know where I can find the theater intro to Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin?  Or subs for that matter...  *sadface*
As long as you can deal with the metal ears...
Do you know where I might be able to find a copy of this?
Honestly, a regular programming language is easier to learn than Mathematica.  That being said, for anything math related Mathematica blows C++ out of the water.  The exception to this is if you need high performance, a higher degree of control, or you are just a masochist.
Watching new Golden Time.  Love the exorcist thing and the Peanuts reference... LMFAO  Only at 6 minutes.
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