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The screen of the iPod is cracked but it still works in perfect condition, I haven't noticed any problems using the touch screen. Other than that the iPod is in great condition.   The iPod doesn't come with a box but if you want I can still include the sync cable and stock apple headphones since I haven't used them.   Price: Asking $70AUD Shipped or PM me a offer   THANK YOU
They are about 2-3 months old, purchased them from a authorized dealer ( they will come with the lifetime warranty.(receipt from earphonesolutions will also be included as monster only acknowledges the lifetime warranty if you have proof that you bought from a authorized dealer)   *Note* On the right housing of the headphones you may notice it may feel a tiny bit loose but the only time you'll notice is if you try to pull the...
haha yea I accidentally dropped it on the first day I bought it, but the prices stated above are all negotiable, if you don't feel right with the prices feel free to drop me a pm and maybe we could work on a deal
Monster Turbine Pro Copper ($230AUD Shipped) - They are in excellent condition except for the right earpiece, the body is a bit loose but not so loose that it falls apart, the only time you'll notice its loose is if you pull on both parts of the body holding the drivers. I bought them from a authorized dealer( about 2-3 months ago so they'll come with the lifetime warranty.(The receipt from will be included as...
Hmm well I was thinking of buying this lod off of ebay for $70, it is a mix of silver and copper wiring, but I'm wondering if 70 is too much for it. Here's a picture of it :
Well I've read somewhere that expensive and cheap LODs sound almost exactly the same but I'm not really sure, so was just wondering if you guys could help me choose whatever I should get a expensive or cheap LOD (For expensive) Moon Audio Silver Dragon $100 - ALO Cyro Dock $85 -...
Bought amp from Frederik, Thanks!
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