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I have Alo Audio Pan Am hybrid tube amplifier/DAC with extra tubes and the Passport power supply black color. Both of them are in excellent working and cosmetic condition.    The sales will include all original packaging and accessories plus two stock 6JI Vacum Tubes, two Siemens 6AK5 W Tubes, And also two Mullard NOS CV 4010 Matched Pair Tubes).   It pairs nicely with HD 700 that I have it on the other listing. I am selling it because I just picked up...
Up for sale is a very nice pair of Sennheiser HD 700 that was bought from authorized dealer. The phones is in like new working and cosmetic condition. It was used approx. less than 20 hours. It will come with original packaging and accessories.    There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, selling it because I have no use for it. It was bought out of curiosity.   It has not been registered yet, so the new owner can register it to get two year warranty from...
Did you do any mod since you bought them? like cable or pads?
For sale is a pair of Bowers & Wilkins P7. It is less than three months old and everything is in perfect condition.   It will come with original box, unused carrying case, 1/4" adapter, and extra cable.   $0ld!!!     Thank you!
For sale is my back up Hifiman HE-400 in excellent condition. It will come with box and all original accessories that it came with.   No problem or whatsoever with the phones. It sounded great and works perfectly.   I just have to downsize my collections hence I am not interested in any trades at this moment.   $0ld!
For Sale or trade: UE 9000 in excellent condition.Battery life is still really good.   It will ship with box, charging cable, audio cable, and 1/4'' adapter.   $140, I'll cover paypal fee (gift would be appreciated) and buyer pays shipping fee.   As for the trade, just shoot me a pm of what you have to offer because I'm not sure what I'm looking for at this moment.   Thanks!
Great price.
Yeah, don't have seller remorse now. Just keep it for another week, after my wallet recovers, I will take this 
Sigh~~~right after I purchased a Lyr today and you showed up.
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