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Hey guys   I've got the top of the line Sandisk 16gb card, but under Music it says there are no files.   I have to play music by the Resource Manager, its a pain.   I had a Class4 8GB card before and it was fully fictional.   Yes, I've tried everything: reinstalling firmware, switching between the 3 firmwares, formatting my card to FAT32 with my Mac and Windows computers, etc     Is anyone having this issue? Are there any fixes?
Omg r u guys serious. Didn't know about this thread, I was wondering why there weren't much deals in the first deals thread for the last few weeks. Lol
I've seen Bose IE2s going on sale for around 50 bucks several times last year.   But yea, that one looks a bit dodgy, not saying they are fakes.
Aparently the Bass Edition is just 'better' bass  NOT 'bigger' bass.   And the MK2 has less bass than both of them.
  Thanks so much man, I've quoted you on the second post. Please PM me if you want to change anything.
It is awesome, but it seems like everytime I go there, my Cowon J3 is at home...
Updated the second post with some photos of Digital Code in Jongno
Thanks, I found the official website of the store and added it on the list.   thanks
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