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Not sure if you guys have spotted this awesome MEElec deal:       Pretty sweet deal - thought nobody should miss out on owning these babies. I own a pair (A151) and I'm totally loving 'em!
RE0s are bass light, but pretty flat otherwise. However they do require an amp to shine.
I've personally tried the A151 (own them) and CC51 (loaned them) off this list. The A151 are simply out of this world when it comes to comfort. Love the sound - brilliant clarity, speed and very well defined bass. The CC51s have great bass, mids and good treble for the price. Both are definitely worth the $75-80 that they command. I personally like the A151's slightly more than the CC51's (maybe because I own them?) - the cable, the build, and the sound are all as per my...
Thanks for the wonderful impressions. I have a pair on loan from a friend, and these sound pretty exceptional - the bass especially is a bit better than A151 (which is understandable as these are dynamic driver IEMs) and overall these perform admirably. My only issue is not being able to get a proper seal with these. Even with the smallest tips, I'm facing slight discomfort in my right ear - although the comfort level has improved significantly recently. I really like...
I have a HTC Desire. And I've tried out my M11P+ with the Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy S (with the connector) and my phone - they all work fine. Since the G2 is a HTC phone, I think it should work just fine. The remote functionality is app dependent - so you will have to check which apps does it support. MEE has a nice compatibility chart set up for that.You MIGHT want to try out a pair of their P series IEMs with your phone to make sure the mic works - I think almost all of...
Have you tried the clarity series my MEE? Maybe that's what you need? They had a nice promo running last week for them - but still worth a look.
I've owned the M11P+ and tried out the CC51P - they work as advertised. The one button remote functions quite well with my Android phone. I've had friends who've also liked their P version with BlackBerrys and iPhones. Might want to check compatibility with your phone before you buy however. They also have a converter for some phones by Samsung and Sony-Ericsson that makes them work flawlessly (their pin configurations are different).
I guess just to be safe you could check the seller's reputation and then go ahead and buy. If there are any issues you can always file a claim.
Looks like MEE is on a hot streak! They have another M What deal - by far their best promotion till date: At $40 you can win the following earphones: 1. CX21 - odds 40% 2. CW31 - odds 25%: 20% discount 3. SP51 - odds 15%: 33% discount 4. A151 - odds 10%: 46% discount! 5. CC51 - odds 10%: 50% discount (wow!)
+1 to A151. I've had them for about two weeks and they are fabulous. The cable, the comfort level and the sound is simply fantastic. Oddly I used to think I was a basshead but the bass on these is sufficient for my taste. For $75 a pop these are worth every dollar.
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