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ditto:   four, three, two, one, pccchhhh! houston I have lift off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, lol,   I just got my P2 also from musicdiddy, holly socks, looks like I can sell all of my other amps, sublime truly sublime, WOW! makes my ASG-2s sing, master mids very 3D, perfect highs, and dynamic lows, puts all of my other amps to shame, and I have quite a few,   I thought my Duo was great! and that the P2 would be a bright amp, but oh my gosh, I am...
I trimmed away most of the wire from my stock cable with the 2s, left enough to keep it anchored, so now it and sits more naturally/easily in my ear, they really fit so well in my ears that the wire was more getting in the way then helping to hold them in? just thinking about it now I probably could trim all the wire away, and then super glue it to keep it anchored? hhmmm, looks like I have to find my super glue, then they can fit even more freely,
ggrrr, ugh, lol, sorry to hear about your trouble, yes keep us posted, I am sure they will accomidate you, hopefully sending you out a new unit, as you mail yours back to them, easy peasy nice and easy, well all accept for customs? lol,   I have my FS+ that I haven't used in a while, and have run the battery down at least a dozen times and have had to take it apart to disconnect the battery to get it to charge back up? pia, cuz as someone mentioned earlier the hex screws...
the 2.5's are an improvement in some areas over the 2's, but the 2.5's still have nothing over the 2's when it comes to those warm and enveloping mids! I am more of a fan of the 2's midbass, then with the the subbass on the 2.5's   the subbass on the 2.5's has less of a presance in the music then the midbass on the 2's do, I seem to just hear it more, the midbass on the 2's blends/adds/connects to the mids more, which adds to the rich and lusciousness that I absolutely...
Yes I like the 5N over the 4G, has been a while since I listened to the 4G, in general better bass, more detail, bigger ss, I was very very impressed, I highly recomend, definately an improvement! I didn't think it was possible? but Robert did it, I loved my 4G, now I love the 5N even more, hhmmm, go figure, lol,   for upgrading go to http://www.headstage.com/Upgrade:::1013.html?XTCsid=a09453e74c1ddae7714a5014a74c045c
well I've had a week to listen to the 5N, and all I can say is Robert is an artist! this little gizmo it simply awesome!   I am really impressed with the soundstage! holy smokes! its uber full, very spacious, with great instrumnet placement, and seperation!   rediscovering my music here!   this 5N is very engaging! my comute to work is perfect, listening to my 5N puts me in the right mood/frame of mind, and I really look forward to when I can put this setup back on...
yeppers X2!   the only time I haven't been using a ZO, is on my comute to work,   I've been onboard since the ZOv1, I got them when sharper image carried that gizmo? and I was hooked,   a transforming device!
when I paired them along with the CLAS-R, and the DUET, I found out what others were talking about, never thought in a  million years that my ASG-2s could ever sound sibiliant, not very much, but to where I noticed my 2s becoming fatigueging,   what are you useing as your source and or amp? could be the reason they are sounding sibiliant?   oh and I just use the stock tips that came with my 2s,   gosh how I love my 2s!
ggrrr, ugh, lol, no, but I think Robert is making some changes to my order? I might not see it till next week?   so I guess everday will hold somewhat of a surprise for me till it gets here! hopefully sooner then later, but its all good!
Robert e-mailed me this yesterday:   your amp is on the way to California now, and will be forwarded to you Wednesday or Thursday this week.   sounds like Robert has got the ball rolling! so I am uber happy! lets hope everyone else is on his mailing list?   impressions will be forthcoming
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