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barely used, maybe 20hrs on it, I am the original owner, perfect condition, comes with the 2, 4pin XLR option,   $1,300.00 shipped
the original Solo, should be green when charging and then blink when fully charged, I have double batteries in both of mine, been a while since I've used them, but that is how I remember how the charging goes,
Yes the DigiZiod ZO, I use the ZOv1, I have the FS+, but still I get better rummbly effects from the original ZO!   and it also helps to pair it with a great amp, I am using the Continental V3 which does a great job along with the ZO,   of course it also depends on the tracks/song if it isn't in the song it won't be in the ASG, I use the 2s, and also have the 2.5s, there has only been a few occasions when I heard subbass coming from the 2.5s, but when it did oooh boy...
I GET AAALLLL the BBBBAAAAASSSSS I could ever want from my ASGs with my little power of a house ZOv1 of course!   I will be walking along and my jaw will drop, and I will smile to myself, just utterly amazed at what has just litterally rummbled my head? litterally, I think for a moment that my preciuos IEMs will break?, and then my smile gets even bigger because I know that they were made for such as this! there is enormous potemtial just waiting to be tapped into, if...
nope not for me, not that I hear, never paid any attention, but no, the v1 is a pass thru when not on, with no volume control, and when it's on you won't hear any hiss, so it is source dependant, but with most hissing when the music is playing the hiss goes away, accept between songs and quiet passages,   the v1 is no longer available? post in the sales thread with a wanted thread, I have 3, and might part with one,
cool I will give them another try/listen thanks! they are uber super comfortable that's for sure!
go with the FS, I got the +, and never used the amp part of it, I just sent mine back to DigiZoid, to get the battery fix, I used to beable to unplug the battery and just recharge it, but it sat around for quite a while now, and when I went to go charge it, nothing? unplugged the battery and still nothing?   I will probably sell it after I get it fixed, cuz it's just not the same as my ZOv1!!!!!! not the same sonics? I swear by the ZOv1!!! seriously!!! the little bltch...
you got them to fit well on the ASG's? I got several pairs of them and I could hardly get them to fit over the large bore of the ASG, and after doing so it seemed to really muffle the ASGs sound by quite a bit? but they are uber super comfortable!   if anyone  wants to try them I have 9 brand new sets of the lrg SpinFit tips, and 2 brand new sets of the med. $8.00 shipped anywhere in the US. Pm me,I iwould like to hear how they worked out on the ASGs for you!
WOW! all deserving, congrats Ken,   not only for HFE, but for what is playing in my ears at the moment, WOW, I just refit my W4s, with the rX, I've really got to start doing my homework, I have alot of gear and set alot of it aside for my current rig, which has been exclusively my ASGs, CLAS-R, and various amps? for the last year and a half?   since coming across the rX, I've rediscovered my MKII, what a dream that I'd forgotten and set aside, and now my W4s! which...
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