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haven't had the problem, but sounds aweful, and if there under warrenty I would definately return them if I were you, couldn't hurt other then being wihout them for a while? probably won't be long before they quit working, wires might wear out or something worse? yikes
page 58, post 858, has @funch's tutorial, got the battery at Mouser?
the original CLAS is user replaceable, in fact it has 2 battery hookups, and just enough room to put 2 batteries in it,   so I did, had them available at ?, can't remember where, but I am sure it is some where in this thread, in fact I'm sure I posted pics of what I did to get them hooked up, been a while though,
amp with the wooden enclosure, + Nihm 9v. batteries with charger,   looking for $450 shipped or best offer
amp only, works great, great condition, only a few scratches, wanting $120.00 shipped,
barely used, maybe 20hrs on it, I am the original owner, perfect condition, comes with the 2, 4pin XLR option,   $1,300.00 shipped
the original Solo, should be green when charging and then blink when fully charged, I have double batteries in both of mine, been a while since I've used them, but that is how I remember how the charging goes,
Yes the DigiZiod ZO, I use the ZOv1, I have the FS+, but still I get better rummbly effects from the original ZO!   and it also helps to pair it with a great amp, I am using the Continental V3 which does a great job along with the ZO,   of course it also depends on the tracks/song if it isn't in the song it won't be in the ASG, I use the 2s, and also have the 2.5s, there has only been a few occasions when I heard subbass coming from the 2.5s, but when it did oooh boy...
I GET AAALLLL the BBBBAAAAASSSSS I could ever want from my ASGs with my little power of a house ZOv1 of course!   I will be walking along and my jaw will drop, and I will smile to myself, just utterly amazed at what has just litterally rummbled my head? litterally, I think for a moment that my preciuos IEMs will break?, and then my smile gets even bigger because I know that they were made for such as this! there is enormous potemtial just waiting to be tapped into, if...
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