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 I will find out soon enough, a new toy for a growing portable rig, I will mainly use my iPod Classic 7th gen, mostly out of convienence/laziness? lol, I will one day upgrade my audio files, they are mostly MP3 320s, but guess DSD and lossless are supposed to sound better, one day I will find out, I see the ifi Micro iDSD Dac in my future, I do have the DX50, so I will compare the 2 together, I will also be using the Line out with various other amps, that will be my main...
ALL ABOARD! well I'm on board! I have my 2 to 3 day ticket! yea! enough of all of this on the fence nonbusiness. lol,   found the standard 30 day return policy under the Oppo store help section, so with that in mind, I can risklessly take the plunge! Yea
 ain't that the truth, I already have the P1, lol, I have yet to mod my pouch to accomidate it's size and vents, thanks for the input, I have been on the fence over the HA, almost hit the purchase button a dozen times already? ggrrr, I've read thru page 45 of this thread, and haven't really read any impressions on how the dac alone sounds? or in comparrison to other dac/amp combos? I love how the CLAS>P1 sound immensely, thru my ASG-2s! looking for a smaller footprint,...
hey does or has anyone used the line out into another amp? I use my CLAS-R to various amps, want to know what the DAC alone sounds like in comparison to the CLAS? the CLAS has a warmer sound signiture, and people have made comments as to the HA being on the brite side? wondering if the majority of that "brighterness" is from the amp section itself? and how the dac alone sound signiture might be?   awe hell I'm probably gonna get it in the end anyways? I want to pair it...
hey AJ, thanks for the suggestion, I haven't thought about my P1 in a loong time, I've been a CLAS-R man in the meentime, but now I will rediscover the P1, great idea thanks AJ, and yes I will post my impressions
I just picked the V1, and the Continental V3, running them thru some listening, looks like I have 2 new favorite amps! will have the HP up in a portable rig soon, along with the CLAS-R, I have the C-V3 set up for portable use though, I'm liking them both alot,   just realised the volume pot has a rubber o-ring behind it so it moves with a little effort, but not freely on its own, not sure who did it as it was an open box buy from overseas, but looks like I won't have to...
I find the 2.5's treble fatiguing, but there are +'s and -'s to both, both are awesome IEM's, like comparing a Ferrari to a Lamborghini, both offer an excellent ride! mater of choice, I can just listen to the 2's all day long, the .5's I love also, but after a few hours they are fatiguing   read mine and H2O's review,   http://www.head-fi.org/t/664613/review-aurisonics-asg-2-updated-with-asg-2-5-and-tralucent-ref-1/5580#post_11521734
yep me too, I have the 2's, and the 2.5's, the 2's treble is more laid back, the 2.5's treble is fatiuging,   funny cuz peeps says the 2's have a treble spike? its the 2.5's treble that's spikey,
ain't it though! yes it is just like that! a must have, oh so well worth any wait! I am so in love with my 5N!, I have the power board, but I just can't get over it ti try out the P board!   welcome aboard JW55! Robert like I've said is truly an artist, and he puts out works of audio art! he packs alot into a tiny package and marries it all together, bringing audio bliss to my ears!
pics? is it actually blue? love the L3!
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