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a saturday report,   ggrrrr, wow what an amp!   this is an eerie sounding amp! I am reengaged with the music in the best of ways,   when I was first getting into audio, I started with a set of the morray razors and an Archos 704 player? and how I thought that that was the sh!t? I was just tickled pink with being able to listen to my music on the go, I was a huge dummy, I got into the audio world on a fluke, a friend of mine bought an older ipod, and I was amazed that...
I had a cable that would fit the pins but too big of a connector, so I carefully shaved them down and they fit great after that, sort of easy peasy, lol,
 hey Cotnijoe, Thanks for my one more place! the Duets world that is,  for me it has alot to do with the synergy of components, and atm my synergy centers around my adorable and magically diliciously ASG-2s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I wish I had the tech speak to descride the synergy that the ASG-2 shares with the Duet cuz I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere man, across the W4s man, back thru the MDR's man, most recent amp was Decwares Zen Head, what a bute she was, now...
WOW!!!!!!!!! I'm very lucky to just getting cotnijoe's Duet, my I simply say, holy shiitzus,   it is a great marriage along with an -R, and my ASG-2s, in scientific terms it is magical,
said the spider to the fly, bu wa ha ha ha ha, lol, and of course you can definately count me in in in! I love spiders, lol, hey Andy, what's up? thanks for the teaser,
well the universals will be be out in a couple of weeks? according to moon audios site,, but if CIEM arebacklogged then I imagine the universals will be as well, its all o.k. I will patiently wait and see what everyone has to say, I'm in no hurry, anyways I have some threads I need to read, thanks for the heads up!
Yes Yes! lol, sorry I had just got done reading the thread! so I'd thought I'd puntuate it with a . and subscribe at the same time, after going over the thread I am on the sidelines? almost went thru with it, I have one in my cart along with the 3DD at their world wide site? but right now I am in love with my ASG-2, and have also always wanted an uber multi BA IEM, looks like the Roxanne is also going to be in the universal affordable range for me, as I'm reluctant to do...
. subscribed
I'm on board! let the contest, er um I mean the waiting begin, lol,
I've tried, ggrrrrr, I am ooh ssooo tempted, DX50? 100? AK120? I don't want to ditch the CLAS, the synergy I am getting with my setup is phenomenal, I have learned to enjoy a setup/sound for as long as posssible, before I decide to change it, the grass isn't always as smokable on the other side of the sceptic tank, er um I mean as green, lol,
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