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my battery life with my iPod Classic was super low, and even lower because when the CLAS uses the raw signal from the iPod, the iPod uses ALOT more juice, so my battery life with the iPod when used along with the CLAS dropped to around 5 hours? so I was thinking about replacing the battery, but an interesting thing happened when I switched that same iPod over to the CLAS-R when I got it, the -R will charge the iPod when in use, so it never runs down, and I never wound up...
I had recently sent my FS+ in for the battery fix, and got it back not too long ago, seems fine, but I mainly use the ZOv1, the other ZO's just can't hold a candle to how the original sounds? a beautifully sublime healthy basshead beating thumping tooling drooling drusting drating drumming daughting strumming eewing slathing  kind of sound?  well I be liking it alot, lets see I've been using it along in my various rigs going on three or four wonderful years...
oops yes L3, the latest version!
black, nickle, or just a plain ol brown paper wrapper, the Rx is the shlt!   I was having an issue where I wasn't getting enough volume out of my iPod Classic>CLAS-R>Rx setup, it was close, I would use my ZOv1 whoch helped when I turned it on, but sometimes I didn't need or want its added contour effect added into the mix,   I was kid of bummed because I thought I might have to return my new favorite amp over this issue? but Ken suggested that I send it in so he...
haven't had the problem, but sounds aweful, and if there under warrenty I would definately return them if I were you, couldn't hurt other then being wihout them for a while? probably won't be long before they quit working, wires might wear out or something worse? yikes
page 58, post 858, has @funch's tutorial, got the battery at Mouser?
the original CLAS is user replaceable, in fact it has 2 battery hookups, and just enough room to put 2 batteries in it,   so I did, had them available at ?, can't remember where, but I am sure it is some where in this thread, in fact I'm sure I posted pics of what I did to get them hooked up, been a while though,
amp with the wooden enclosure, + Nihm 9v. batteries with charger,   looking for $450 shipped or best offer
amp only, works great, great condition, only a few scratches, wanting $120.00 shipped,   http://www.touchmyapps.com/2010/02/02/graham-slee-voyager-headphone-amp-in-review/
barely used, maybe 20hrs on it, I am the original owner, perfect condition, comes with the 2, 4pin XLR option,   $1,300.00 shipped
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