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Sherlock Holmes couldn't have deduced it any better!!    moonshine and artichokes, MizMoxie and Cinthia, hhmmmm, I understand your logic and I can see the connection, now pass the moonshine, I need some to wash down my icecream and atichokes, mmm, ggrrrr, lol,
    Quote:   What the huh! are all the HUH's about ?   well whatever, $120.00? I thought MizMoxie said they were gonna be free? lol                            
oh heck yes to that also! as long as no ss's come up, lol, and it was with those moments that helped make up my mind on sticking it out thru the hurdles, and when it wasn't having any sibilance issues, the 600 are simply marvelous, and with every bit of play time it will get even closer to having them shinning all the time!   beautiful simply beautiful!   they will improve quickly initially, and as for me they are still doing so, ever more slightly, and the...
 , and Welcome to the club! Selenium   well I've been listening to my 600's for 2 months now, so they probably have around 350 hours of play time on them, and there is a big diference in the sibilant mids, from when I first started listening to them,   the sibilant harsh mids where almost a deal breaker for me at first, but tweaking my rig saved me from dumping them,   how my rig is set up to date:   classic iPod 7th gen (with the EQ. set on treble...
LOL, x2, thats a pretty good one, someone has an appetite for the ZO? literally,   I prefer to free bass my ZO, 100% pure, turn it up! and shoot it directly into my ear canals, lol,      
awe shucks now there gonna have to give out three prizes, kittens and sheep and along with the ZO, thats pretty sweet! good job
awe thats so adorable , now get back to work, you don't want to upset the green ZObro again, hey whats going on between you two anyway? lol, just kidding around, everyone knows who the Hulks got a crush on,       Hey MizMoxie, does this mean the contest is over and you won? lol, because that is a cool ZOvatar, but there's some pretty awesome ones in the running, you just might have to award a second prize aswell, you guys sure have your work cut out for yourselves in...
hey estreeter,   I can relate,   been there and done all of that, and it gets old quick,   but now I'm someplace brand new, and doing something even greater, and I'm still there doing that, all messed on free basing ZO that is!  and oh how sweet it is!   must, find, headphones, and unite them with IEM's! and shoot them directly into earcanals! AARG!!
LOL, thats pretty good there, Varley, yes I'd say your a natural, now cut it out, lol   I'm glad I won't have to judge this contest, maybe they will have to give out a second place ZO as a prize aswell, its gonna be a pretty darn close call,   lets hope your not predicting anything about the ZOv2's release date with that there Santa ZOvatar, Varley. lol
mmm that sounds good, I wish I had put the fridge out near the mail box before I started Zo camping  
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