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thanks Matt/aka ramen man, lol, yes welcome to a world of poverty but great audio, yea? lol, I think? and uphill for a while yes, but you have a great head start, Franks CSP2 will be a great asset, your lucky I found this thread a few days to late, or the bidding war would have gotten one of us onto a ketchup soup diet, mmm mmm yuck, lol,
Hey Frank,  thanks for the input, I know I am going down the right path, with my headphones, and now the MKIII, thanks to Eric, his tour/reviw couldn't have come at a better time, and you've also been a big help aswell Frank, so I will look forward to reading your full reviewFrank, well I am slowly getting there because alot of what still gets said seems like greek to me, lol, thanks all!
oh yes that's true, and an easy fix also, but at this point I have no balanced cables, I can't imagine there being any didference between the 3 or 4 pin XLRs? so any of them that I will be getting will be to order,
LOL, yes you owe me or I owe you, , I will know in a few weeks,    but that was a great write up on your vist to Decware, very informative, started to answer some of my newbie ?s, I am on page 4 which is good, cuz I have alot to learn and that will give me some time to do so!
ok thanks, that goes along with my understanding, so with the 3 pin XLRs that they offer as stock, both of them have to be used for one headphone? so it looks like I will stay with the 4 pins, and get a good 3 pin adaptor, swee, this stuff is getting pretty easy, lol, yea right,
wondering if I can get some ?s answered, I am in line for the MKIII! my first venture into a home rig, which I thought I'd never do it, but I got some full sized headgear (HE400 & 500, and HD600 & 650s) and want to hear how it can sound out of something nice, other then thru my portable grear, which really sounds awesome, and then I came across Erics visit to Decware, I was sunk from there, well that and there introductory offer,   I will be using my iPod thru my...
I used the RE262 filters on the 600s, and that took the edge off by quit abit,   I just took a look at the RE400 filters anf they look different then the 262s? more cloth like? could just be the pictuer though?
yes, the line starts over there, not there, over there, lol, as I sit listening patiently with my 1.2s!   shouldn't be much longer, keep the reviews coming!
on the fence, I luv my ASG-1.2s! and so I will follow Dales game plan, so by the time all of the upgrade options are available there will be alot of folks that will share what there hearing, I put out some great reviews/input/feedback! will be nice to test the waters so to speak, but until I take a plunge or two, with some upgrades, hearing is knpwing, and I will wait to find out, I am in nnooo hurry, having my 1.2s is bliss at this point, I am luving the brighter SS of...
yes and when it fits oh so nicely! here is my iPod>CLAS>Lisa3>ZOv1>ASG-1.2s, I used to use the LisaIII, lol, longer case but just as nice! now I am in love with my MKII, so the L3 sits collecting dust            
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