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said the spider to the fly, bu wa ha ha ha ha, lol, and of course you can definately count me in in in! I love spiders, lol, hey Andy, what's up? thanks for the teaser,
well the universals will be be out in a couple of weeks? according to moon audios site,, but if CIEM arebacklogged then I imagine the universals will be as well, its all o.k. I will patiently wait and see what everyone has to say, I'm in no hurry, anyways I have some threads I need to read, thanks for the heads up!
Yes Yes! lol, sorry I had just got done reading the thread! so I'd thought I'd puntuate it with a . and subscribe at the same time, after going over the thread I am on the sidelines? almost went thru with it, I have one in my cart along with the 3DD at their world wide site? but right now I am in love with my ASG-2, and have also always wanted an uber multi BA IEM, looks like the Roxanne is also going to be in the universal affordable range for me, as I'm reluctant to do...
. subscribed
I'm on board! let the contest, er um I mean the waiting begin, lol,
I've tried, ggrrrrr, I am ooh ssooo tempted, DX50? 100? AK120? I don't want to ditch the CLAS, the synergy I am getting with my setup is phenomenal, I have learned to enjoy a setup/sound for as long as posssible, before I decide to change it, the grass isn't always as smokable on the other side of the sceptic tank, er um I mean as green, lol,
yep, it seems open up the sound quite a bit for me, by balancing it out more between the highs mids and lows, and then between the ZH, and the ZO? well I will put it this way, I wish I didn't have to work, so I could listen to it for the rest of my life, music is my therapy and therapy is GOOD!
I am ssooo tempted to sidegrade itis? but I need another amp like a hole in the head, I will await some reviews I suppose, I almsot hit the pay button at TTVJ, ssooo close, ggrrr I hate conflict,
oohh yyyeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I swear by my ZOv1! I open the valves all the way, iPod>CLAS-R>my ZenHead>ZOv1! wait till the ZO3, it's in the works, I like to amp and then amp some more, with the ZO thru the G2s, all the live long day! and with the Smart Vector Tech it isn't double amped, it just takes control of the ASGs bass, albeit I have to shut the ZO off from time to time, but paired along with the ZH amp it's beatiful! the ZO is...
yep scissors a small pair, and I followed the twist of the cable as to not knick the wires, and ooh yes a very very very comfortable fit, I think they keep making them like this as it adds to support for removable cables, connected cables are stronger? but whoever made ASGs cable did a great job of it, very very well anchored! as for any extra pressure? going on 7 months now, so I'd have to say no, that plus I still loop it over my ear so any pressure would be displaced...
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