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just read this, not sure if I can post it? but it has all the digs,
 I'm using the standard cable, and stretched a set of the large spiral dot tips on them, and I insert them quite deep, as that's what I'm used to, I'm learning that with the open back that they don' need to go in deep, but they are comfortable, along with the ear hooks, I ordered the some comply tips, I'll see how those sound,
 yes if i had known that I would have returned them also, but fortunately I didn't, and further burned them in, and now I've found the elusive sound that I've been chasing for quite some time, as I sent in a set of perfectly balanced 3D sounding IEM's that I ever had, they had me looking and ducking over my shoulder, thinking I was going to get hit by something, freaky, but awesome, but when I got them back they weren't the same by a long shot, and have been chasing that...
 not sure if you ascribe to burn in? but it was the same for me initailly, the sound was off, I put a 100 hours on them, at a higher volume level than when I would listen, and the sound came around very very very nicely,
 yes you will, , lol,
 Hey CC, my ZOv1 is still filing out the 20's uber nicely, I mentioned in an earlier post that the 20's sound like a very very mature ASG-2.0, which I also use my ZO on, the ZO fills in all the gaps, and fills up the large ss on the ASG's, and the HUGE soundstage on the 20's! I luv the ZO for giving my music some more heft, and it does it ssooo nicely, never clouds or muddies the mids or treble, it actually enhances the whole spectrum, the bass, the mids, and the treble! I...
yes out of the box the sound for me seemed off also, so I began to burn them in, 100 hours or so, made a big difference, although many don't believe that burning in anything makes any difference, it does, I believe if you don't burn them in the changes aren't noticeable, because it winds up being so gradual, but after a 100 hours or so, it was a night and day difference,
have you burned them in? yes I can agree out of the box there a bit off, but I also heard ALOT  of potential hiding there, so I burned them in for 200 hours or so, and in the end Holy Sh1t, they opened up and became my favorite IEM,
 I recommend trying a ZO, preferably the v1, the most visceral out of them all, I wish they could have maintained it's original footprint, but the two where made for each other,   but the ZOv1 is making all the difference in the world with the bass, well the whole sound spectrum really, it thickens everything up,  usually I call the ZO music mortar, it fills in ALL the gaps and connects ALL the music together nicely without coloring/covering anything over, but with these...
 I couldn't agree with you more, X100, yep it's absolutely mesmerizing, an enthralling sound it is!
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