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I'd do the 200.00 on the amp,
no pics. but if anyone has any interest, PM me, I have the Kickers, Rockets, 2.5's, 1+, 1.5's, and 2 extra set of the ASG-2's, that I will be putting up for sale soon,   Happy Listening everyone!
well I got the Kicker, ASG-1+, and ASG-1.5's in from Hifiheadphones, along with my #1 ASG-2's, the ee ee 2.5's, and the rockets,   and now I know for certain that I have nnooo desire to hear any more of the new line up? they can't stand up to the original DD, even the ASG-1.5's make the Kickers sound scooped out and hollow,        
 welcome to the group, did you get the -R, or the original? either one is great! paired with the Pure II is nice, I love that the Solo can go with any amp, your not locked into any one amp like the HP, or the Centrance, although they do have line outs, they just don't do it like CL's Solo! I love my large iPods just shuffle and go storage, a little bulky but ooohhh sssooooo worth it! current rig: iPod>Solo-R>Rx>ZOv1>ASG-2's I am in audio Heaven!
good ?, I've been tunnel visioned with my iPod CLAS-R + various amps for a very lloooonng time, lol,   I am not even close to being disapointed, of course the only other source has been the DX50, I've tried other dacs for my iPod, but the CLAS-R shines/rises to the top, out of all of what is out there,   currently ALO's Rx is my tickled pink amp! I throw in the ZOv1 to thicken up the sound, that along with clear, and superb instrument seperation, with excellent treble...
x2, I liked the mother batch also, the mother of all batches! I want one,
 ditto x10!  oohhh no, they sure don't distort! and how sweet it is! you know what they say? it ain't music till the blood comes ot yer ears, lol,
does this have the rechargeable lithium battery?
yes the ZO is an amazing device, I've used my ZOv1 ever since it came out, I even used it along with the dou? whenI was in that camp, I am in the Rx/Shohin camp atm, but yes those ASG-2's just gobbled up the Dou's bass!   I still go for the original ZO's sound, I've tried all the variations in between up thru the FS+, but the original ZO is the only ZO for me, but any ZO is a good ZO, it will add to any bass heads bottom end!   I call it music mortar: fills in all the...
ditto that x10! he deserves a customer relations award, and or just all the praise/appreciation from his fans!   I also forgot to mention thet Ken was absolutely right in that having the gain incresed doesn't alter the sonics or sound of the Rx,! albeit after some burn in, brain or Rx burn in probably both? but after I got the unaltered Rx, all is fine!   iPod>CLAS-R>Rx>ZOv1>ASG-2's+using all silver interconnects from Lindsay @impactaudiocables=audio bliss for me!  
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