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Im in the same boat - Going to ignore until 3.
Total doesnt do in excess of 96/24 so you may be just fine - I am scheduled to talk to a real live "onkyo expert" and ill be asking details, especially since the "recommended" app includes tidal.
A core update in Android L - the version on these devices - is that it supports 96/24 natively. So, it doesnt support 192/24 but MAY support 96/24 for other apps....   For your geeky pleasure: http://geeknizer.com/audio-improvements-in-android-5-0-l-audiophile/
In Dapper, in the settings theres an option on the Customization tab for "Store all music inside a folder named" - - put the word Music in there and itll save all the music in a folder named Music, and itll ignore anything outside.You can do the same for playlisst and have a plsylists folder.
We're all affected also by the placebo effect. There will be some questioning themselves ;-)
Indeed, a clip from an email thread: 
Hmm... not be default... let me noodle this.
Dapper supports this config natively, tell it that you have an NW-ZX1 and it'll prompt you when to change sharing of cards etc. :-)
There are many ways to do this - depending on what youre trying to achieve. What are you wanting to do?
Some interesting news:   I am working on a way to do syncing to android DAPs that support the Play Store.   Essentially using ES File Manager pro on Android and Transmit on OS X I have been able to sync wirelessly. Currently my testing shows this is slow, and I have an open ticket with Panic software who makes Transmit to fix,   If this all works, you'll be able to run ES File Manager Pro on the device and use Dapper+Transmit for a much faster WiFi sync.
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