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 Anyone tried the new Sandisk 200GB card?
Anyone opened an AK100/120II? I have a sticky button and would like to clean it..
Did you use the AK to actually format the card? Settings... System information... Erase SD Card
Hi, Madaracs   Make sure you're on the latest version (3246) by going and grabbing a copy now Lets have you click the Utilities tab in Dapper and select "Clear Database" in order to have Dapper clear its cache and sync again. Then look via OS X not he card and see if you see the lists. If not, please go to and I can help you much better there.
 Hi, 1... When Dapper initially started it asked if you wanted it to show in the Dock or not. If you elect Yes, then its more "up front" than a background process.2... Can you see the playlists when you plug in the DAP and look for the file itself using OS X? If so, then your X1 needs an update. if not, we have a dapper issue and I can help you on Not the way its set up right now, I am afraid.
No, does not come with the adapter.Its 1.5Ohms, so I assume its the BaX
1... By default, yes - but you can in the settings tell it not to delete stuff on the DAP.2... Nope - it renames those playlists on the way - so  Dapper_HiFi shows up as HiFi on the device.3... I tested on X3 and have an X5 to test.  Also tested iBasso and Astell&Kern You can download and try it free :-)
Here is what an official, production balanced Linum cable looks like:
 28 OhmsMy cables are plugged in with dots visible on top, as per "normal", I assume.
My Linum balanced cable s here, and I am using it with my JHAudio 13Pros. I also have a moon audio cable as my baseline here.   The Linum Balanced cable seems brighter in the mids and highs, but also seems to have reduced my bass quite a bit - I assume as a result of the impedance changes.   Any thoughts? What does your EQ look like, Sorensiim?
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