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Yes, you just need to be sure to properly "eject" it on the PC or Mac first, then go to a control panel entry to switch
FiiO, iBasso, AK Jr. and lots more mount both disks- only the Sony doesn't and Astell and Kern 100 thru 380 are lost causes :-/ What I have tested is here with some notes: https://www.map-pin.com/dapper/tested-daps.html
I find a lot of folks seem to ignore usability in this as well. These things are pretty close to each other on sound quality, but UI, playlist support, Eq and things like android are vastly different. Since I write software to sync these things to a Mac I own a LOT of Daps. Ak100 thru 380 suck on Macs. Ask Jr UI is slow. FiiO UI sucks but everything else is great. Sony Nwzx2 can only mount one storage area at a time to sync, doesn't support balance adjustment but runs...
I don't believe this is possible without circumventing the DAC/DSP phase we all paid a bunch of money for.
Hey, all. How does Ted ship and how long does it normally take to get to the Ohio, USA area?
I loaded my ZX2 up with close to the max on an external 128 and the internal memory and the music app became very sluggish. The unit in general seems slow to me sometimes.
One big deal is OS compatibility. As an example, the AK series is terrible to connect to Mac OSX, whereas the ZX2 is just fine.
I found the linum cables to be too thin - and "tangly" - I had the AK 2.5mm balanced cable which I just sold.
Your IEMs were too closed... The HD800s really opened up your music... But now throw out both because there is the most open experience you can get in "high fidelity audio" BATBAND™ is an elegant piece of sound technology allowing you to listen to your private soundscape as well as the world that surrounds you. Human-centered design meets technology delivering a high fidelity acoustic experience via an innovative bone conduction system. BATBAND™ works via bone...
I would love to see them enable sound enhancements just for certain quality or below tracks :-)
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