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Only if you're watching... literally. Backlight isn't your friend.
The software is most certainly not the same - there are all kinds of goodies in the AK240 that I don't have on my 100II and Im a little ticked there isn't an update. Examples:   Qobuz application (Shown only under European time zone) When it’s paired with a smartphone via bluetooth, a notice is shown on AK240 when you get a phone call.   Im mostly interest in the phone ringing thingy... but all I get is:  
Zero hiss on my JHAudio 13Pros.
My 100II keeps getting flakier - anyone seeing this, where playlists go away: I am also now seeing songs disappear until I force rescan
Well, now I have dupes of every track showing up. Went to reset area and chose to rescan.. We'll see. We certainly need a 1.1 fw update
I moved everything to the card and reset to factory.. Works fine now :-/
I use sync mate mostly successfully on an AK100II...I wrote an app specifically for this. out dapper.I use it with my 100II
I am having a strange problem where my playlists used to be fine, these are M3U playlists.... Now the AK 100 seems to not recognize songs, and it keeps getting worse. So in a playlist with 300 songs, I now only see a hundred. I know the playlists are right, because they were working an hour ago At one point it was claiming too many unrecognizable format songs, but the individual songs play just fine Any way to reset the Ak and it fix?
Use the "Pro" EQ setting - I have found it works for me perfectly.
Hey Jude   In the past few weeks I have noticed ads becoming far more intrusive. I have had a lot of spontaneously playing videos, *with sound*, mostly with what looks like fake news content, and then just now a full page cover-up-the-entire-site type ad with no way to click out other than to watch.   Not sure if you are aware of this.   My full page experience was trying to sell me a manwitch, which is pretty damn off-topic for me:
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