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I fixed another bug and pushed the release out - it should be cleared by apple sometime tomorrow.
Let us know!
All,   Do we have a confirmed list of players that fully utilize the X7's DAC for playback? I see mention of Spotify, Tidal etc and I wonder with the new Android OS whether theres something good here for us? (I currently don't listen to any of those services on my X7)
Heres you go: Just waiting for Apple to Approve 2.54
 Uploading 2.54 to the App store with Artist fixes and addition of Composer 
Let me take a run at this next!Its sort of expected because Dapper is doing exactly as you ask and replacing Artist with album.Please also be aware that with composer names the paths may get very long and Im not sure how the various players will like this.
When browsing by folder, the folder names in 3.0.2 are inconnect The first folder shows as the name of the SD card, and the SD card shows at TF #
Latest version is working for me too now :-)
Let me go install the latest... standby
Totally disagree. The firmware renders the X7 completely unusable on OSX. When you connect the X7 to a PC you see the storage areas and can copy songs over. On the Mac its a totally different story. I was unable to see or copy any data to the X7. Lets not get on the Mac vs PC bandwagon either here -  in the US , PC shipments fell 5.8 percent while Mac shipments rose 5.6 percent year-over-year.
New Posts  All Forums: