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I'm also interested in a perfect pairing
Still waiting for a shipping confirmation....
I also switched from an x5. You won't be disappointed :-). UI is in a completely different universe
Several of us have been running the new FW fine. Did you try using the reset menu to nuke all the settings etc back to factory default?
So, apparently the new cases are available in stock here:   Just ordered the orange one :-)
IEMs are starting to sound like razor blades...with all the drivers :-) My biggest issue with the new products are cable connections and resulting inflexibility. How do you like them, and availability of after market cables?   For the record, I have the JHA13Pros with my AK100II and love the setup.
Hi, all   I posted a request a while ago that I think was "too narrow", so I am trying a little differently.   I am looking to get a full sized open/sealed recommendation to pair with my AK100II. Im leaning slightly towards sealed since I have younger kids and external noise is a factor.    I like my headphones to have a wide sound stage, with a slight emphasis on the bass tom-tom range, but certainly not at the expense of muddying the mids. I also like revealing,...
Hey all,   I bought two SACDs in order to get these two albums in better-than-regular format.  I have a sony DVP7000 which plays them fine, but Id like to take them on the road in my AK...   Is there anyone around who I can ship them to in order to have them ripped for me? Id rather not spend an additional several hundred dollars to get and hack a PS3...   J
Bump. Cant believe nobody is chiming in! :-)
Its an OEM: I used one of these to control an iPhone. Sold it a while back.
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