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I have the Japanese version too - partially for this reason. I use jh audio IEMs and also have a pair of on ear focal spirit classics Above the "t" in other is where the IEMs are too loud and for the focal I have to go past the "a" in media for it to be too loud
Here is a link to a 30s FLAC format file with 192/24 of total silence. Test your DAP to see if it is indeed hissin': https://www.map-pin.com/30sSilence192-24.flac
I have worked with FiiO before - they kick ass at being responsive to customers. Most certainly #1 on my list for that.
Yeah, lots of holes. Sony confirmed there is no balance - so anyone like me who doesn't like their sound off center as a result of not having two perfectly matched ears is sol as well
On a side note. My right ear requires 5% more volume than my left... Anyone found a "balance" setting in the Sony app's?
Only the Sony app's have access to the high end DAP functionality. This goes for both players and EQ app's I am afraid. Sound may not be what you want but any other app will make it stink
See if you can get a copy of the original. When calling in to get help they've been very lax about warrantee- asking when I bought and not bothering for actual proof
May as well just buy a cheap player then, because the sound quality is quite obviously badly affected
 I found that the Onkyo app works for: Playlists spanning internal/extarnal locations ALAC FLAC Artwork Hardware button control. Other apps didnt do all of these things together ;-)
 Iv had tape walkmans, discmans, minidisc players and now the ZX2... At least we dont have to buy Memory Sticks or MiniDiscs anymore ;-)
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