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Main barrel; answer button. 3.5mm barrel is mic/balanced mode
The dapper app will copy the music itself and also to extract iTunes images. You can look in the folder for each album to see if we successfully got album art- there will be a folder.jpg there. Now, if the Plenue doesn't support folder.jpg files then it's up to iTunes to have the album art actually embedded. There is a hidden setting to fix this, though. Let's have you find an album that's broken and check for folder.jpg to see if that's there, but being ignored. If this...
Yes, you could tell it to use a music directory, and it will only bother with things in that directory. :-)Let me know how it goes.
Sorry, @Bostonears  I am not at the moment.
If you'd like we can work with you to create one - reach out on support.map-pin.com and I'll be more than happy to do it with you
Very good. My history:X3X5AK100II (Specifically moved for the UI, touchscreen)SONY NW-ZX2 (Moved because it had an Android touchscreen, and the FiiO was horrible with Mac - absolutely terrible)Tried Ak100JR - great on Mac - bad on audio - good on UIFiiO X7 (Did what Sony did, but also shared both storage locations simultaneously where NWZX2 does only 1 at a time) I would say the FiiO UI is slightly better than the AK100/240/380 and much better than AKJr I have tested and...
Much better than the AKjrThe Jr. Really shouldn't be considered in the same league as the higher end Astell&Kern and Kern units.
2.40 is up and available from the app store.
What headphones are you using?
Working on version 2.40:   Allow user to select an additional folder containing other FLAC or DSD files to sync so you can sync iTunes plus other files. Support for UTF8, UTF16BE and UTF16LE and Byte Order Marker If you want to use/test this feature, please head to support.map-pin.com and ask.        
New Posts  All Forums: