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Ding ding. Seconds out - round...............
  Do you know where you can get these from now please? Any direct links?   Thanks L
Anyone else got one of these yet?   Perhaps matched with 4070's?   L
http://www.rudistor.com/chroma%20md1.htm   I see both versions are now up for sale again.   As an aside - does anyone know who makes those stands the MD-1 sits on and where I can buy one?!   Thanks L
Sir! Are you suggesting I has a drink problem?!   Seriously - all you said is true. I was sort-of playing devils advocate there. L  
Well said - best post i've read on here for ages. (as a lurker).   As a side issue - you know how people serial upgrade, yet the majority never address the issues of the room they actually listen in - via speakers I should add - what about via cans? Perhaps the ears themselves? When did you last have a check up to see how much wax was clogging your ears and also - what about the room, position you actually do your listening? Surely an office environment cannot...
Hi - I tend to leave the tone controls alone to be honest. I collect the Burson on Friday ;) Whilst the HP 'out' on the Luxman is ok, it does run out of grunt on some more demanding HP's. The amp is £6k GBP here - not sure what it costs in the US. I love it though with no plans to change! L  
Sorry if this is a duplication but there a write up on these on Headfonia - criticisms include the treble and cable. 
Surely buying headphones just for visual appeal is a bit like choosing a woman because she has big t*ts? Actually I did - so best not use that example................
I collect my HA-160 on Friday :)
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