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Surely buying headphones just for visual appeal is a bit like choosing a woman because she has big t*ts? Actually I did - so best not use that example................
I collect my HA-160 on Friday :)
Hello again - sorry I'm a bit sporadic at the moment here. Thanks for all the comments, adding to this excellent forum.   I took the decision to get the 1000x having already owned (in a previous life) the 1000w and the 5000w. I like the house AT sound so it was an easy decision really - I wanted a closed back can for when my son stays with me - bedroom is open plan on a mezzanine level - and the fact that the 1000x is a new model, sealed it really (no pun intended)....
For reference, I have pulled out. 
Hi - I'm about to gt one of thse, been super impressed with all the reviews and comments and help from Headfi.  Im new in town, but wanted to chip in, say hello - and just say thanks for all the time taken to write about my next purchase! It has helped a lot. L
Hey! New Headfi member, so a big hello, and also I've just pulled the trigger on a pair of these cans. Plan to use them via the internal HP on my Luxman L590 II amp, but then hope to get a Burson HA-160 at the end of the month. Anyone running this combo? L
I have looked into this - Pascal, whilst you say you can sell your gear at whatever price - this is not strictly correct, if you bought it from here. Here is a copy of the rules relevant to this: -   The classifieds are for non-commercial non-profit sales.  Buying and selling items on the forums for the express purpose of making a profit is not allowed. Buying an item to immediately resell at a profit is known as "flipping."  People found to be using the forums or...
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