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I would have thought any corporation of business would (behind the scenes) be sorting this out ASAP. Whilst I wouldn't expect Ultrasone to comment on a forum, you would think they could have used this episode to show how good their service is - i.e. turning a negative into a positive?
Isn't comparing these 2 a bit like comparing very good bottles or red and white wine? Both could be brilliant - if you happened to like that kind of thing? I used to own HD800's and at what did, they were excellent. There is real pride of ownership in there too. The LCD-2's seem to be generating rave reviews everywhere, but is it a meaningful comparison though against the HD800, given they ultimately do the same thing - on your head and give sound (!) but then they go...
I have to say I agree with this - but will perhaps say a little more when mine arrive!  
Sorry to ask what is probably a silly question - but is this problem purely restricted to the Edition 10's? I'm interested in Edition 8 Palladium - having previously owned Edition 9's many years back.   Although given the way Ultrasone appear to be handling the Ed.10 crisis - should I be considering any Ultrasone products in case of any current or future problem?    Cheers - L  
Can you expand on this bit please? They looked way better build quality in the pictures............  
I really have to try these LDC-2's - as an ex-HD800 owner, they do sound an interesting proposition. Quite a few people in the know have told me the LCD-2 is overall, the finest can they have ever heard....
Hi    I got a reply from Rudistor - they are going to be offering the stands for sale in about 4 weeks.    Regarding the MD-1 - all sounds very promising. I have always wanted to hear them - but as they are sold direct - I guess you pull the trigger or you don't. Looking fwd to more reviews and feedback. Thanks - L
Well done - they do look fab - I hope they sound it to. I for one will be very interested to know what you think of them.   Someone must know about the stands !
Ouch!   Have you tried eBay but including the UK? They cost a fortune here and seem to be quite revered (although not by me).   I can give you details of a few UK based sites where you could freely advertise them if it helps?   L
Hi Skylab - I have read your story on the Ed.10 with considerable interest. Sorry you got done over on those :(   Have you got your MD-1 yet - your opinion would be very welcome if and when?    Also - any idea on the stands?   Cheers- L
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