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I is yes! When in April is this and where? If I have my LCD's by then - sure - happy to come and bring them along. Cheers.
W1kx I'd say now - BUT is is new and needs a good burn in + it was several years ago I had the w5k.   Let me listen more and come back with more constructive comments. Cheers
Thanks Aldo
Excellent - just about to place deposit on a Sonett (single ended - I did own a balanced one a year back - sold due to painful divorce).   When i was younger I used Beyers for years - but haven't used any now for a very long time. The T1 looks very interesting.....
Has anyone tried the T1 with the DNA Sonett ?
I've seen that concentrating / sitting down face before - perhaps in a smaller room of the house............  
Ok - it arrived! Safe and sound and straight out of the box - wow - the fit, finish and build quality is amazing.   Listened to Rodrigo y Gabriela and Nirvana / Nevermind last night and very impressive. A bit tight / new and needs a lot of burning in I suspect, but so far - impressed me more than the W5000 I had once....   More to follow + a few pixc of them on my Sieveking stand?
Re - the Chroma driver pic - I'm no technical expert. Is this good/bad ? Anyone any comments on the quality or build here?
  I got mine now - "out of the box" I'd say the exact opposite to bloated! Quite lean and "new" - needs considerable burning in I'd say - but so far so good. Very detailed and just what I'd hoped for. Will post back after a bit more burning in and listening.  
Have now had some very advice from Donald on this and some links on PM re those tubes i mentioned - thanks. Will keep you posted after I get my Sonett.
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