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Quite amusing that having a bigger head might be the answer to the problem. ;)  
Agreement is good. 
I never gelled with the W5000 - but the W1000x is going down a storm!
If I am able to come (which I hope so) I have Burson HA160 + AT-w1000x & AD2000 & stock HD800. Working on a USB DAC !
  +1 ;)
Hey - happy to come along if in London - pls post when date and venue known?  
I'll keep an eye - i just searched and found it!  
Great news Skylab.
I is yes! When in April is this and where? If I have my LCD's by then - sure - happy to come and bring them along. Cheers.
W1kx I'd say now - BUT is is new and needs a good burn in + it was several years ago I had the w5k.   Let me listen more and come back with more constructive comments. Cheers
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