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I know this is probably covered elsewhere - but what is generally accepted as the best cable upgrade? I'm guessing the ALO one maybe? Rgds - L
Sorry to hear about your fire sale.   I think you might need to revise your prices a little as you can buy new HD800 in the UK for £800 (I did last weekend !!) and also new T1 for £750.   Rgds - Lee  
Sorry to hear of your news Zen - been there and done that - keep the faith my friend, and get the CV out to everyone. What is your line of business?
Great review Jude. Funny things these P5's - I have picked them up many times in the Apple shop.   I don't "need" a pair of these at all - but I sure as heck "want" them !   They ooze style and class - I think coupled with an acceptable sound quality, they hit the spot.   Your review really captured their raison d'etre.   Cheers - L 
      ATH W2002. Gold colored aluminum frame, leather, and beautifully Echizen lacquer finished.      Anyone have any for sale or know where I can get some?   I am in the UK, payment will be by paypal and shipping by Fedex or DHL.   Must be 10/10 mint/immaculate with original box and history or where originated from (i.e to prove not a fake).   PM me please.   Thanks
Spelling fail.  
+1 ;)
I've heard a recurring theme of tube amps with the T1 now......interesting.
Im surprised - I would have thought you'd have a few of those in your set up?  
Holy crap indeed.
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