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Slight off-topic, but has anyone done any sort of meaningful comparison of the Violectric HPA V200 (with onboard DAC) against either of the Burson amps?
Slight off-topic, but has anyone done any sort of meaningful comparison of the Burson against the Violectric HPA V200 (with onboard DAC) ?   The Burson is on my home rig and I'm thinking of the V200 for my work PC and/or lap top. Wondered as I will be using the same cans - whether people think the Burson has the edge? So far I am very happy with the Burson btw. It is sensitive to power cables though.
I don't agree with this. Just spent a very pleasant evening with Incubus, White Lies and some Leftfield / Orb / Ministry of Sound compilation - it all sounded quite brilliant. Just my views though - we are all different i guess.
Anyone know how we would know whether the pair is "fixed" that might be on sale in the UK? with some dealers here being a bit (insert your own choice of word) - if you ask them, they will of course say it is a fixed pair - but how could someone tell?
They were sold! Hard to find it seems...
Very interesting - thanks for the link. Wonder if DN will ever make a production super-Sonett?
Shiny and bright things. Plenty of magpies around :)
I know this is probably covered elsewhere - but what is generally accepted as the best cable upgrade? I'm guessing the ALO one maybe? Rgds - L
Sorry to hear about your fire sale.   I think you might need to revise your prices a little as you can buy new HD800 in the UK for £800 (I did last weekend !!) and also new T1 for £750.   Rgds - Lee  
Sorry to hear of your news Zen - been there and done that - keep the faith my friend, and get the CV out to everyone. What is your line of business?
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