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Hi Icebear - yes you understand the "problem". I like the best gear i can get / afford BUT I also value service.   Taking your money, ignoring you for months on end and getting the product 1-2 years down the line is simply not good enough.   As you say, and is widely acknowledged, the end product is peerless (whichever of these boutique amps you go for)and TBH the long wait isn't the issue - it is the attitude that comes with it, the contempt for the customer and the...
Hi David - nice to hear from you. Have seen your posts on here - informative. You have a BHSE if i recall - how did you find the process?   Mjolnir Audio being 'spritzer' who seems to know a lot about all things Stax. I will try to find out costs and availability, unless he chips in here!   Thanks
Greetings.   Having had dynamic HP set ups for years and had almost every HP/amp combo there is, I have decided to jump back into Stax and go for an SR-009. The choice of amp is the question.   Years back I had an O2 / SRM 717 and I preferred the SS energiser to the 007 by quite a margin.   So - do I get a SRM-727 II to go with the SR-009 AND at the same time order a better energiser from one of the above or just do that now - and then wait...wait...wait.   The...
Now sold.
Sale pending.
For sale - for full details please contact me - all PM's will be replied to quickly. I am based in Surrey but can arrange shipping etc. Impeccable rating and feedback on Audiogon and eBay. I am a private collector and these sales are not from a Trader in anyway.  No PX please and no offers for cash - payment by bank transfer or paypal. Happy to consider a better deal for fellow Headfiers, no fleabay fees and no paypal always helps. So I am selling:...
PM sent
Hey - are you lowering your prices a little as they don't appear to be shifting? Given the closeness to new price + if you factor in shipping, duties/tax and handling(+ paypal fees) it isn't far away from a new price if you are located in Europe. If there is any movement please post here or PM me - regards - Lee
I wonder if I am in that 2-3 week bracket as well - I pre-ordered 25th Feb ;)
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