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PM sent.
I got the email as well. I have gone for blue too :)
I have just pulled the trigger and paid a deposit on a BHSE :)
I had a similar dilemma a while back. I ended up buying a Resonessence  Labs, Mirus. They cost £4500 GBP here, so around $7500 maybe in the US?  It bettered anything I heard at any price point.
Thanks Phil, yes I forgot those 2 things.   So 6 things then so far.   1. Volume pot - at deposit stage 2. Colour? 3. Type of feet? 4. Choice of tubes. 5. Voltage 6. Output jacks
Sorry to go off at a tangent here, but when ordering the BHSE (or should I say when delivery gets nearer - will I live longer than the delivery day...?!), what things need to be specified - options and choices?   1. Volume pot - at deposit stage 2. Colour? 3. Type of feet? 4. Choice of tubes.   Is this it - have I missed anything??   Thanks   Lee
Steve - thanks for your input - i'll have a read up on this. I owned an Apache many years ago - great amp :) Paradoxper - yes you are right. From my research, I'd say you are totally right on both counts. Plenty to think about :)
Paul and Icebear - thanks for your comments. Really useful food for thought.   I guess like a lot of folk, forums get used as a source of information. Here in the UK, I don't know anyone who has any of these boutique amps, let alone anyone who has been through the buying process. My only source of info is here, so when you read some of the comments and take into account you could be waiting 1-2 years for something, it is a concern.   I only wanted to start a debate and...
I actually got most of my concerns (and not just about Headamp) from Headfi and the actual postings by people who had paid deposits.   So I felt I was being fair really.   Small scale builder does not equal small scale service does it?
PS - hifi inventory updated. Raven is cool :) 
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