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I currently own the Xbone. The PS4 will be in my near future since they now have a exclusive on my favorite game.
I really like my D7100's.
Spent some time today comparing my D7100's to my D7000's These cans have a very similar sound signature and it seems that the D7100 are a tad more efficient, I was using my Burson amp and listening to lossless files, everything from Deadmau5 to John Coltrane. Both are great headphones in my book and provide me with the Denon sound signature that I really like, to anybody who missed out on the D7000's I don't think you will be lost going with the D7100, especially at the...
I also play the PC version, I recently picked up the Collector Edition. Currently at Gen 3 and climbing.
This game is pretty awesome from my point of view, I tossed COD and BF4 in a box, I like the futuristic style and different modes of gameplay between the Titans and the Pilots.
I have been using the Denon 7100 with my PC while playing Titanfall, these sound great.
No Titanfall on PS4 Luckily I'm a member of the PC Gaming Master Race
Take a look at the Burson HA-160DSIt comes at a higher price.
The Fostex TH-900 has a impedance of 25 ohms, the same as the D7000, why would it require any more power?
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