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I have no idea what they are connecting... isn't it only dual and triple driver models?
Spiral ear. would be good if you can explain the signature messy look inside.
I'll consider the TWAG. it's not terrible, the treble just doesn't extend to the top of my head like the TF10. as for dual drivers, I dont think drivers is the problem here because the rolloff in JH5 is almost as bad as UM3x and Earsonics SM3 IMO. Thanks
Hi guys. I previously owned a TF10, and recently switched to a JH5. I really miss the extended treble on the TF10, which is missing in my JH5. Is there anything I can do about it? Any mobile amps to reccommend to extend the treble? Or will changing the cable help? What else can help me extending the treble? It just came back from a refit so not much burn in yet. Does treble tend to increase after burn in?   The bass quantity is...massive. So no problem with bass. My...
Headphones? I'm looking for amp suggestions
$10 shipping. the cheapest one. waited 2 weeks damn sian
I had mine done thrice at digisound till it was perfect. Same $64.20 charge
Hi guys I currently own a JH5 IEM. I have been using it with my laptop through the earphone jack and I found it to be horrible sounding, not even close to the sound of my iPhone 4. the sound card cannot be changed, so I am looking for a device to bypass that crappy sound card and enjoy my music. question is, what is that device?! An amp or a DAC or a combination of both? I don't think I need to 'amp' my JH5, because according to the sensitivity and impendance, it's so...
Digisound novena definitely. ACE hearing at ngee ann city is cheaper at $50..
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