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Patience my brother from another mother. Rome wasn't built in a day after all :)
Oh crap, now I want to binge on Monty Python.  Life of Brian anyone?  
I'd say you are correct in your assumption that the K712 paired well. As for your question, my favourite pairing out of the bunch was the Ether. It was by far the most neutral and dynamic sounding of the bunch. Mind you, I like that combo because I generally like neutral and my thinking was that it would make a great benchmarking set up for other gear in future. The most fun pairing out of the bunch was the Audeze cans. The LCD 3 was a especially enjoyable...
As requested a couple of days ago. I did the best I could and tried not to come across as overly snippy  
There's another Shanling DAP in the works??
Hey congrats, I myself intend to order an Ether in the near future for the Carbon. Welcome to team Carbon 
Believe it or not, those two amps perform very well for their price point. Matter of fact they're quite exceptional for their price point. I do agree though, I wish I had more on hand to give the Carbon more of a challenge. One day my friend....maybe there will be a Liquid Lightening in my future in a few years time. 
Ok, I understand where you're coming from now. My apologies, at first read I thought I was being attacked. Its now obvious I wasn't.I like to keep my stuff as to the point and general as possible so as to be used as a starting point. While you like to use graphs and music as a guide I know enough people who aren't crazy about that style of review and feel as confused as you may be when they're used. Sorry bud, I guess I'm not the type of reviewer that works for you. 
Sorry dude, I could only work with what i had on hand :(
With all due respect, I mentioned some of the music I evaluate gear with in all my articles. I also try to steer away from mentioning specific tracks for the simple fact most people have different tastes in music and I highly doubt if I mentioned a tune from say Budgie, Frames or say Melodie Gardot a lot of people would know what I'm talking about considering everyone has wide tastes in music. I also take umbrage to the use of the word "agenda". Considering I bought a unit...
New Posts  All Forums: