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Question guys, I just came from the K712 impressions thread. Somebody just reported in saying their brand new K712 is tagged with assembled in Slovakia. When the heck did AKG/Harmon Kardon cut a deal with the Slovaks?!?!! I thought all K712s were assembled in Austria?
News to me. When did the Slovaks land a deal with AKG?!?!
Not a bad deal but I recommend waiting for a bit. Last year the street price was around 300 an On some sites it dropped to a low of 250 or 260 after the turntable was updated for this year.
Nice cable, I've never heard of Vetere. Are they a European outfit or American?
I've beenListening with primarily the T50rp Paradox and the K712. If you want I can probably whip something up within a few days. What exactly would you like to know?
No idea, it was Warren who translated it.
Ha ha, me and Warren were having a few yucks online and him knowing my real name decided to throw it onto my profile and see what would happen. The first week I got a few PMs from people writing in Chinese. They were amused when I told them I was a whitey.
The Chinese characters are my real name in Chinese. It was added for giggles by one of the mods. It says town eagle.
Monster MusicConnect Portable Audio Player to Stereo Cable (1/8 Inch stereo mini plug to RCAs)It's available on Amazon
Its late right now and I'm about to crash for the night. Tomorrow night i'll plug in my UERM and report back to the thread my findings.
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