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I still own my Q701 and although I own other superior sounding headphones I still find myself going back to my Q cans. What can I say, although its become dated the Q701 has a special place in my heart
An now I have malware on my laptop the good times never stop rolling on my end frack
Holy crap..... I've officially been tagged as a reviewer on head-fi I don't know whether to be happy or sad the old ghetto-fi DigitalFreak days may be coming to an end?!?!?!?!?!
That's pretty bad when you pay top dollar and instead get something used. Is your player at least performing well?
I'm surprised nobodies posted a video of the new iPad being used as a frisbee yet.
Welcome to the hobby my brother of the head-fier loincloth. Just a heads up, in this hobby it helps to be a little crazy an a lot rich 😃
......... ........... ................ Amos, I so hate you. Any idea how long Sony has had these in the works and if they headhunted an outside engineering group to join their organization? I'm guessing they must have since they've never entered the custom market.
That burger looks rather nasty Anyone here ever heard of a band called Art Of Amputstion?
Man, you guys are so anti-Fish. Once I Marry I'm getting myself a small aquarium so I can relax while listening to chill music
I think them finding a away To cache the album art more efficiently would go a long way to help alleviate the problem
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