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Hi guys, just a heads up, me and another reviewer have received the new XS and will be doing a written review for in the near future. In the meantime, I'll be uploading my personal impressions onto my YouTube channel within the next couple of days. Overall, I think the XS builds off what the original M80 accomplished and brings some well done tweaks to the form factor and the overall sound signature. Kudos to Mr Kolton for building an even better...
Unless you look around and realize you're in Norway I really wouldn't worry to much about it. I say enjoy the state for what it is, relaxing. Just be sure not to jog into the path of an oncoming car, bus or train and you'll be good.
Looks like this time around I'm a bridesmaid and not the bride ...... .......... ............... Oh man, I can't believe I just typed that out ?!?!?!?!?!?! To all the testers, congrats and I look forward to reading your final reviews.
Whatever you do don't type the letters S T A X into Google or the head-fi search engine. If you do all escape and probably one of your kidneys will be lost I can't promise I'll attend, I've become that busy over the last few moths, but if I'm able to make it I can probably bring the Alpha Dog, Paradox, He-400, Vali, CLAS-db and Aune T1. Would anybody be interested in hearing any of those or should I just bring pizza? Nathan, I promised you could borrow my Alpha dog sorry...
Watch Star TrekThe saying resistance is futile has merit in your situation
Nobody seems to know yet
Well this is big news. Looks like there might be a change coming in all of mobile. At least as far as some of the chips being used, maybe further then that. Whether this is a good thing or bad remains to be seen.
Here's hoping HiSound is taking its time to release the product because they want to release a complete product, user experience and all, into the market. EDIT Looks like H2O has the inside scoop. To bad, I liked the house sound for HiSounds DAPs.
Some of you guys wanted to know my impressions so here they are. Overall, I really like these cans  
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