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Hi guys, sorry for the disturbance. Before I posted on this thread I messaged marc0 and asked if it was alright to post my review video on here, which he indicated it was. I'm not Australian nor am I on the tour list but I did receive a review unit for Audio360 and as such I have done a review video for my YT channel. I'm hoping my video impressions is helpful as far as helping people in Oz decide if the 4 is their cup of tea. Any case, hope you guys like what I have to...
Hi guys, hope you don't mind me adding my own impressions involving the Noble Audio 4 universal IEM. In case anyone is interested this little IEM will be reviewed on audio360 in the near future Many special thanks to Brennan for making this review possible  
Hi guys, thought I'd throw my own impressions into the thread. In case anyone's interested the Noble 4 will be featured as a written review on in the near future Many thanks to Brennan for making this review possible. I look forward to maybe reviewing more of Nobles product line in the near future.  
Taken From The Audio Journal Of A DigitalFreak Sound Byte: I Just Can't Get Enough Sometimes being a music nut and gear whore can be a curse. A lot of other people, I like to call them norms, will find one headphone they like an pair it up with a good sounding DAC and amp and will walk away, kick back and call it a decade or two. Likewise, the average music fan will settle on a good half dozen to dozen good sounding bands they love to hear and spend their lives in...
Heir has been banned from head-fi. I'm pretty sure you can't post that in here anymore.
I got lots of stuff going on, both good and bad. I'm hoping by this time next year it'll be back to the same hum drum I'm used to.I'm also hoping once I'm married and have moved I'll have a far better filming setup and a larger desk instead of my tiny room and even tinier laptop desk
Hey thanks Magick
I filmed this video especially for some of you guys in here, you all know who you are. Thanks guys, you've all very much changed my life  
Latest video review is up folks, enjoy  
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