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I'd like to throw my name into the tour please. I'm in Canada by the way and fully agree with the terms and conditions
Getting compensation from Canada Post can take awhile. If Canada Post decides to say no and the other guy decides to fight it it could take months.
Whoa that's pretty bad. My unit performs on par with Hifiguy's video and I'm rocking a 128 GB card. I'm wondering if there'a a bad batch out there now.
 Hey Mike, turn on the Pro EQ setting, you're missing out. Also, if you run your finger along the slider located underneath the album art on the now playing screen you can quickly FF to another part of the song.
Good to know I'm not the only one who was surprised when I threw in my 128 GB card. anyone know why AK rates the Jr. as only 64 GB compliant?
Well, I find the Jr. UI a bit snappier then my old AK120 but that's just me. I kind of expected the slight lag when navigating to the other screens and the semi smooth scroll when swiping down and up through my album list. I don't know, maybe its just because I've become used to it. 
Quick question guys, has anyone tried using a 128 GB Micro SD card with this player yet?
Why don't you ask for a completely new unit? Maybe you just got a lemon.
I'm Not to crazy about the idea of learning the ins and outs of RaspberryPi. I have little enough time on my hands as is. My Toshiba Satellite is nearly 10 years old so it's iffy that it could run Windows 7. The ideal solution would be to just get another laptop but my current one is starting to show its age and I think it's only a matter of time before it goes off into silicon heaven. If I buy a new laptop I'd rather it be for doing needed work and not just sit there...
Why the Hugo? Why not look into the Chordette line if it's just a DAC you're looking for.
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