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Yeah BEK stories seem to have become all the rage the last couple of years on the internet. I'm surprised I've yet to run across anything Canadian on BEKs. Our country seems to be a hotbed for poltergeist and old fashioned haunted house stories, at least my city seems to be.   Since the convos drifted to discussion of the paranormal, i've been rather intrigued by accounts of peoples experience with the paranormal. The link above is an interesting channel to view. Some of the videos there I'm guessing are fake but they're still a spooky to watch nonetheless.
(shrugs)Don't ask me to explain it all I know is to my ears the mids sound slightly forward meaning they don't sound linear from the lower mids to the upper mids. It's not forward like a Grado can but there is a slight lift in those mids. Like everything else in this hobby your mileage may vary my friend. P.S. My Bombers are gonna kill your Roughriders at the next Banjo Bowl. See you at the pregame keg party.
I think its safe to say that the Vali with its slightly pulled forward mids presents the details as more in your face while a more linear amp wouldn't. I consider this amp a good amp for rockers and metal heads by the way.
Cough "customs" cough
I'm guessing the voltage?
Well guys, if it sounds like I'm gushing all over this amp its because I am. I remember Muppet praised it awhile back when it was released and I'm with her The Vali is all that and a bag of chips  
Well guys, after over a month with it I officially love the Vali. Matter of fact I'm pretty much gushing all over it in my video review  
In that case I'm buying you a Blue one day
Wait?!?!?The company iBasso actually put out a DAP that doesn't sound phenomenal?!?!?!?! How dare you say such a thing about iBasso. iBasso can do no wrong and their customers are golden eared kings who exude greatness an strut around flaunting their iBasso gear with ultra chilled coolness. I'm telling the iBasso fan boys about your heresy. Quoting from the impressions threads the DX50 and 90 sound AMAZING. How dare you exercise your right of speaking the truth. :P
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