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I think you and me are on the same page dude. You only have to visit my feedback page to see I'm moulting off all my extra gear. I've come to the point in this hobby where I really don't need all that gear and prefer a more capable home rig to fit all my needs and leaves me content in my happy place. By the way, I'm guessing you heard the mobile amp which won't been released for awhile yet and hasn't even been named yet and not the Liquid Carbon. The Carbon I reviewed for...
LMFAO!!!Good luck with that plan. Only way you could succeed with that plan would be to get a sex change.
Don't worry, a couple of years of electro shock therapy and you'll be as good as new. Be thankful your inner geek doesn't come raging out everyday. Just don't type the words Funko pop figures into Google or its all over.
You know, I wouldn't mind finding out the answer to that question myself. It's certainly something to look into in future. Maybe someone could try the pairing out at a head-fi meet and report back?
My last pair of RCA cables are on their way. The rig is pretty much complete. All that's left is to wait for the two stars of the show, the Ether and Carbon.
I'm having another bout of insomnia and depression on my end tonight. Any night owls out there?
If I remember correctly when the good Dr first debuted the Carbon he used a CLAS-db and later switched to a Chord Hugo
Good to hear, congrats and hope you like the workmanship. My MAP2s ( I got 2 of them) were very well made. They were quite manageable too.
Hey Dan!!!! Me and you are in the wrong line of work!!!!
Holy freaking crap!!!! 2895 USD for a set of RCA cables!!! I knew Marrow peddled some very pricey cabling but never knew it got that pricey?!?! That's up there with Cardas?!?!
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