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pretty darn good. I wish I had more time with the Paradox in balanced. I'm not completely sure but i think the midrange sounded slightly more forward then what I'm used to. Sometimes when the midrange sounds cleaner I mistake it for sounding forward. 
Ok, I'm feeling pretty dumb. Tonight is my last night with the Carbon and the 3 headphones Dr Cavalli sent me. I was giving everything a last listen before sending it away when I noticed something that made my head shake. The WyWires balanced cables for the Audeze headphones has the exact same plug used on my Paradox SE cable. I finally got to hear the Paradox via balanced connection tonight.
    You gotta love Weird Al. I wager he's the guy responsible for the blame Canada thing
I have a few things I would like to say about a couple of IEM makers but I'm with Idsy, why &$@# up MuppetFaces thread or get myself in hot water. I learned my lesson with iBasso a year ago. Thanks for the link James. The next time I'm on my laptop I'll be sure to grab those tunes and give it a good close listen. By the way, any new surfer tunes that's struck you're fancy lately? The last time you tutored us on surfer music I was rather entertained.
Guys, a DAC that doesn't have balanced out shouldn't be taken off of ones short list just because it isn't balanced. Dr Cavalli himself has said the priority should first be to find a good sounding DAC within ones price point. If it just happens to be balanced them it's an added plus. Enough people have already said the Carbon sounded quite stellar paired with a Hugo. That in itself should say something.
Hi Darko, synergy wise, the Carbon has owned all my other amps with the X and the Ether.The X is a slightly more warmer and bassier headphone when compared to the Ether. I like the Xs bass more then the Ethers with Trance and Techno (its a fun sounding bass) but the Ether has by far the better mids. Also the Ethers highs seems to sound a bit more neutral while the Xs sound a slight step more energetic. What I've noticed is that tonality on both headphones is improved with...
For some reason I could never get into Samsung handsets or any other type of Androids. I've kind of lost most of my interest in the iPhone too. Meh, nowadays I just see the commercials from whoever and think, "just another fancy looking phone." My technocrat side has so lost a lot of interest in various things  
Join AA, Audiophiles Anonymous. They make life a little more livable. Last weeks meeting we all sat in a circle and showed off our $700 headphones. Not bad considering last year we were all buying $1400 headphones
The AK120 is officially sold folks Many thanks to the buyer
I'm guessing eke is looking longingly at STAX
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