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I'm sitting here with popcorn boys
Insufficent permission to access the threas??? Anyone else getting this??
Check my Carbon review on headphone guru, it's there.
Why do I like the handle Beefy?
If I didn't have a WA6 and a Cavalli Carbon on the way I'd have jumped on this. I'm pretty much done amp wise for the next little while
I'm surprised you don't have any Final Audio gear lying around. You were in love with that company for awhile.
You are correct my good sir. You get 100 internetz for your trouble. Don't spend them all in one place
You're welcome, for what its worth its a nice sounding amp. Hopefully when all you guys get your amps you'll all forget about the wait time and kick back and enjoy your amps. 
Times like this I can't help but feel sorry for you guys and feel relieved I grabbed the 25 units only early bird perk 
Yeah, I haven't settled on an optimal mobile system either. I've grown tired of 2 and 3 piece rigs an the only player I have left now is a crappy DX50. The only reason I haven't tried selling it is because its so crappy and I don't want to pass on something so horrible to some unsuspecting head-fier.
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