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I'm not very good at making my own lol. You ever done it Nathan?
Anyone here have a set of jergpads looking to get rid of them?
You willing to sell the jergpads?
Looks interesting, anyone pull the trigger yet?
ishcabible, I love that handle, lol
Shhhhh, that's a secretFeeling kind of silly now that I've realized its Cowon and not Cowan.
I bet it will be sold exclusively at Ikea. Buy an Ikea leather coach and they'll throw in a free Cowan player. Buy the loveseat to go with it and they'll also throw in a Pono Player for the kids/wife to play around with. Buy a whole new living room set and Ikea will even throw in a couple of gift certificates for HDTracks and Pono Music. Think about it, audiophile grade players, high res music, now you can kick back in style and enjoy yourself in your new living room like...
Rumor has it the Plenue will be 999 USD.
Yep, looks like the audiophile DAP industry has finally gone summit-fi. I guess it had to happen eventually. Wonder how long it will be before we start seeing dedicated DAP threads in the summit-fi forum
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