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No worries my friend, I quoted you without seeing what was discussed later down the thread, my apologies. I've never heard the HA-1 but if you already own it and like it then go with that and see if you like the pairing. Why take a chance on buying something else blind and wasting your money if what you already have might work for you. If it doesn't work you're no worse off and no harm no foul.
I'm working on a review on it for Headphone Guru but in a nutshell it's very neutral and dynamic sounding. The amp isn't boring, it draws you into the music by letting the headphones it's driving perform at their best. In short, when ur hearing the music you're hearing the headphone, the amp gets out of the way.
Since we're all comparing cables, I've got most of my cable needs nearly squared away. I decided to go with ALOs Green Line cable line. I've got Green line RCA, USB, and balanced headphone cables all waiting to be used once the Carbon arrives. For a power cable I decided to go with Marrow Audios MAP2 (ordered 2 of em, one for the Carbon and one for my WA6) because enough people I trust sware by them. I received shipping notice this past Friday and the MAP2 should be in my...
The Carbon is far from lush.
Ahem, he's not the only one. I blame Warren for my audio nuttery
 An so the circle of head-fi life rolls along merrily round and round.
Holy crap, I'm speechless.
Good comment, I agree whole heartedly. 
Honestly, my experience has been a well mastered album ripped in 16 bit can sound just as good if not better as long as the mastering is excellent. It's the mastering practices people should be concerned with not the bit depth.
If I'm gonna wander around broke so is everyone else on this forum. 
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