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Sorry fellow bopper. It happened just recently and it's been hard for me not having him around. My apologies.
My father died of cancer at 69 😔Enjoy life and your music to its fullest my friend. You never know how long before you're called from this world.Sorry for being depressingBless
Not really trying to be negative per se. It's just I've had some very underwhelming experiences with gear from that company. Just trying to be truthful
I'm guessing its the DAC, I have the 598 and I've heard the O2 various times. Both gears aren't known for being muddy.
Meh, I've never been a huge fan of TEAC. I haven't heard that DAC but the products i have heard from them left me underwhelmed. Of coarse that's just me.
I guess you're right. we're part of an exclusive club 
I am too actually. I was online when the pre-order went live and me and a few others were having a heck of a time placing our orders because the servers were acting up. I thought for sure the LC would easily be sold out by the end of the day
I tried my UERM out a couple of days ago to answer that question on the LC thread. With no music playing the UERM is dead silent. You'll only hear a low hum if you bury the volume knob. That's why i'm pretty excited about this amp, it's going to serve me well with both my orthos and my IEM's. Generally speaking, with the UERM I set the volume knob to about somewhere between the 12 and 1 o'clock position. So its plenty loud and you have good headroom. 
By the way guys, when its all said and done I'm gonna have 4 amps, the Carbon, the WA6, the Play It By Ear and the Vali. Does anyone know if there's anything on the market I can use to run a DAC into which at a flick of a knob will allow me to switch from amp to amp? I really hate having to constantly plug and unplug my amps line in. I'd want something that wouldn't impact the signal path in any way of coarse.
Thanks, I've already started looking into going balanced. I'm going to build the chain completely around the Liquid Carbon so I'm going to get balanced cables for all my gear. I've even ordered a couple of Marrow Audio power cables, one for the Liquid Carbon once the pre order arrives and one for my WA6. Once I've scored a DAC I may look into a power conditioner, not sure if I should get one yet. Eventually I plan to find someone to recable my Sennheiser HD598 and AKG K712...
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