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Since everyone is talking Apple.....  
I stand corrected
My apologies, please allow me to repost a more proper phrase....I PERSONALLY THINK the DX50 sucks. That's just my personal objective opinion though.On a different note, to answer someone else's question, yes, I do still own the DX50. Anyone here want to buy it? I spent 250 plus I think it was 25 USD for shipping. I'll let it go for 150 plus shipping. Message me if interested people. Be warned, I take no personal responsibility if the player suddenly bugs out on you....
DX50 sucks, save your money
The XS is a very nice update of the M80 my friend. If you're looking to update your M80 or are trying to decide between the two the XS isn't hype and is worth it in my opinion.
Vali owner here, the HE-400 pairs with the Vali quite nicely IMO. The bass has really nice slam an drums have an equally satisfying snap to them. The highs on the HE-400 will still remain quite forward and aggressive but they won't be overly edgy nor harsh. The Vali has a nice tendency of presenting a smooth treble without sacrificing air. I really gush over what the Vali can do.
Hey gelocks, have you tried taping up those 4 holes at the bottom of the cups where the cable connection is? I'm curious to find out if those holes effect the sound at all.
Hey Lachlan, check the video below out. Its a rather interesting example of whats happening to production values and the effect on music due to the loudness wars  
I know how you feel. I have enough people calling me Arly nowadays.
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