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Oh schiit, I'm sorry to hear you got a bad unit my friend. Are going to ask for a full refund or just an exchange/replacement unit?
Have you thought of adding an impedance adapter in the chain? It's a far from ideal solution since it impacts the sound but you might get lucky.
Anyone still alive in here?
FINALLY!!! I hope you guys like what you hear. 😀 So how about we all try getting this thread rocking again. What's everyone plan to pair their amp with, DAC and headphone wise?
Hi guys, my review of the Jr went up a couple of days ago. Hopefully it'll make for some interesting reading for anyone thinking of buying a unit and is on the fence
Hi guys, sorry I've been a no show for awhile. I'll be posting my impressions this weekend.
not really, that's almost brand new pricing if I remember correctly
God I hope not. I'm broke enough as it is
Hey guys, I just checked my tracking. My ether just landed in my city. I should have it in my hands tomorrow morning or afternoon. All that's left now is the LC and my rig is complete
I just saw this this morning. I'm so sorry Romy
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