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Well I'm using the proto with my CLAS-db. There's better DACs on the market of coarse but in my opinion its a pretty nice pairing I might just leave the new DAC on the back burner for a few months. By the way, while other amps of mine are hiss prone the Carbon isn't. I don't think a power conditioner is warranted if you're worried about hiss on your system
That's because some of the old guard has started to post. Its kind of nice to see. Its nice to see you back maverick, we all missed you
Oh please, Terrance and Phillip are so last year.
You guys forgot ice hockey. igloos,curling, beavers, and Tim Horton's coffee. By the way, the third and final year of high school is solely devoted to beer drinking and eating tons of pizza. Such fond memories.
If he does make it sound better then the more power to him 
I'm listening to it SE. I'm working on finding a balanced cable for it and hopefully I can get it in before I have to return this ampThe huge strength of the LC with the Paradox is its not imparting any coloration whatsoever. I'm getting some really nice spacial cues giving me an awesome crisp and clean staging effect with it too. Generally speaking, staging on the LC is very impressive. 
Speak for yourself brother, I'm listen to the amp now an its definitely worth the 600 bones Huge +1 that a bigger price tag doesn't equate to equipment sounding better
Don't complain, I graduated high school in 1988. If anything I'm the grandpa on here.
Holy crap, long time no see. How've you been my friend? I'v been worried about you.
Billie Holiday sounds pretty awesome too
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