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My mistake, the K812 it is. Is your Geek the Ferrari tweeked with all the extras version or just a straight up no frills Geek. Seems like everyone and their dog is loving Chord nowadays.
Can't speak for the K712 but when paired well I'm fiercely in love with my Q701 all the while having a torrid 4 way affair on the side with my HE-400, Paradox and Alpha Dog. I'm guessing if you like the K712 that much you'll probably be quite happy with the UERM. Whats your chain with your K712 anyways? For me the Vali and the Matrix Mini Pro are awesome setups. The best I ever heard it sound was when I had a Stockholm V2 DAC in the mix. I really should investigate into...
Still doesn't mean he's out schilling for his own cause. So where and how have you been?
expect to be nicely content for awhile.
Yo guys,s sorry for being away for such a long while. Anyways, the list looks like a digs breakfast but its been updated.
The thing is, if he hadn't admitted to running his own crowd sourcing funding campaign eventually people would have found out and it would have blown up in his face. If you're going to start a debate on said topic it stands to reason it's ethical to admit you have your own dog involved in the race. I think it's safe to say that Lach was looking to get people thinking by putting the idea out there and not trying to convince people to contribute towards his drive.Why can't...
I'm just hoping Lachlan changes his mind and comes back
Hi guys, sorry for the disturbance. Before I posted on this thread I messaged marc0 and asked if it was alright to post my review video on here, which he indicated it was. I'm not Australian nor am I on the tour list but I did receive a review unit for Audio360 and as such I have done a review video for my YT channel. I'm hoping my video impressions is helpful as far as helping people in Oz decide if the 4 is their cup of tea. Any case, hope you guys like what I have to...
Hi guys, hope you don't mind me adding my own impressions involving the Noble Audio 4 universal IEM. In case anyone is interested this little IEM will be reviewed on audio360 in the near future Many special thanks to Brennan for making this review possible  
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