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I was looking at Furman. They seem to have quite a reputation.. In your opinion, does a good power conditioner make a difference?
I think i'm going through Liquid Carbon withdrawal?!?!?! The months can't go by fast enough for me.
I put a down payment on it an ill be picking mine up in a months time.
Check out what I ordered from Advance yesterday
I'm a FF fan from 7,8,9 and 10. Good to see the old schooler titles are still held in high regards
Pffftt, Triple Quad Kick Ninja Copper is so 2010. Dual Triple Quad Kick Ninja Gaiden Copper with Unicorn foreskin sheathing is the new standard.
 think someone may have mentioned this but not sure, since we're throwing out possible DAC's I haven't heard this one but I have heard the Mini-Pro and it had a rather nice DAC. Matrix in general makes some pretty nice stuff with nice pricing to go with it. Since everyone seems gung ho about getting a balanced DAC has anyone looked into this little DAC? It's just over a 1000, is balanced, does up to 32bit/384kHz, and its a bit of a looker. From what I've read the X-Sabre...
Or final internal specs have been cleared for production.
Yeah, me to.
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