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I dunno, I still member a flagship headphone being 7 or 800 bones a few short years ago. Now we're seeing flagships average 1500 to 2000 and nobodies batting an eye. I personally never thought I'd see the dawn of a 3500 dollar DAP
I keep seeing myself soldering something only to have it blow up when I plug it in lol
I really gotta learn how to solder one of these days and save myself some money. I'm guessing quietly soldering way in ones room with mellow tunes playing might also be therapeutic. 
 Oh man, I wish I had known about that first connector Yeah agreed, I placed my order and had my purchase in my hands in only 4 or 5 days.  I still have to get one last thing, a second pair of Green Line RCAs, and I'll have everything ready. All that's left to do is wait for the Ether and Carbon to arrive
Check it out guys, I ordered my Ether with a balanced DUM cable so I needed an adapter to use it SE with my WA6. Moon Audio does some nice work  
Ummm it's 499 USD. I agree though Pretty decent player and pretty sexy to boot too
Maybe I should just give up finding the ultimate audiophile player and get a Sony. I was content enough with them back in the day.
sounds like you've travelled far and wide my friend. I envy you
I live in central Canada and drive for a living. I can't speak for other provinces but in my city its illegal to drive with ear/headphones on.
@Stillhart   Congrats bud, your quicky review made the head-fi front page  
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