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On case u guys didn't know, I'm going to canjam. I'll be on my way there in a few hours
That'll be one of my first stopsI'll keep an eye open for audioGD stuff too
Guys, I'm off to canjam in a couple of days. You guys want me to check and film anything for you guys while I'm there?
Humph, this thread has become rather disillusioning. Here's hoping other people pipe in with better experiences.
I miss our chats on the old thread.Life is so so for me my friend.I'm trying to get back o my old self.How have you been getting along?
You know, the Carbon with a wood top actually looks pretty good.
As long as we're not drinking Rolling Rock or Michelob its all good
Speaking of which, I'm in dire need of a fellow minion to carous with at the local hotel bar in the evening hours once we've crashed landed from our trip in audio nirvana for the day. You game Danny boy? The first MGD is on me. I promise I won't dance on the bar stools in my underpants until after the 5th beer. 
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