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U think it'll sound good?
thanks my friend
My AK120 does around 15hrs. Mind you that's my IEMs
It would but I'd think the playtime would still be short for most people. They need to find a way to put a bigger battery in the M. If they could squeeze out 12 hrs I think most of the complaints would subside.
The HM-901 is supposed to be almost dead neutral so its a curiosity for me
I've seen nadda in SUI or Kaede on the FS boards for the last 6 months. Looks like I missed the exodus. So what do you think Idsy, get the donguri and live on corn flakes for the next 2 months or should I practice restraint? I'm need a lot of practice in that. The geek in me is jumping for joy
I'm eyeing them too. Wild guess, you ordered them from price Japan?
I miss the SUI. Have you guys noticed barely anyone ever puts anything Ocharaku on the FS forums
Whoa, that's pretty bad
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