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Shouldn't be much longer for you guys. Looking forward to seeing this thread get more active.
@Silent One   I just noticed you have over 21 000 posts?!?!?!? Silent my arse lol
Everyone light the fireworks and break out the cold ones, our old buddy is back.
You won't be disappointed 
White noise. If I move my gear to other rooms it's not there. When I bring it back to my bedroom it's there. I'm guessing something in my laptop bookshelf is causing it but can't seem to peg down what it is. Once I started using better cables though the white noise was nearly gone though. Rather weird if u ask me.
So a QP1 walks into s bar and sees a AK380 harassing a very sexy Sony ZX2 wearing a skimpy little red dress. So who would win in a street fight, the QP1 or the AK380?
Yeah, it should be interesting to see how my amps react to the better DAC. I'm starting to shed my extra gear off though. I plan to get rid of my other two garage1217 amps once my other gear is sold off. I'm surprised my ALO RX MKIII-B amp hasn't sold yet.
Yeah well, I've been having problems with hiss in my system the last few months. It's been slowly getting worse. The upgraded cables helped a lot to minimize it. I'm hoping the conditioner further fixes the problem.
I was looking at Furman. They seem to have quite a reputation.. In your opinion, does a good power conditioner make a difference?
I think i'm going through Liquid Carbon withdrawal?!?!?! The months can't go by fast enough for me.
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