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Anyone know what's happening with the Shozy Gold? I pre ordered ages ago and have yet to hear a peep. I'm beginning to wonder if I should just wave bye bye to my money 😕
Rather crazy that the Zoo is shutting down. I thought that place would outlive me and my generation. Recently there was news that even the High And Lonesome might shut its doors too, The building its in is so old the owner says its become to expensive to continue repairing on his own. If it gets demolished the city and the owner will probably both look into erecting something new there. The owner of the High And Lonesome is hoping the building receives heritage status, If...
Where did you find that tube, I'm game for a little tube rolling :)
Images from CanJam 2015
I really suggest you give it a good listen before making a decision. At under 2000 there's a ton of gear to pick from you might like.
I only got under 2000. They haven't decided on pricing yet.The HE X isn't as capable as the flagship. From what I could gather it's a product based on the same technology. The sound stage isn't small but it isn't as well defined as the HE1000
I vote you replace the current grill with a spiderweb grill and use a blue liner on one cup and red on the other. Make Spider-Man proud.
You won't be disappointed 😃
Okayyyy... Which of the carefree dancing hooligans were you. I was the fat guy with glasses chewing on pizza and drinking a beer.
I'm back from CanJam. I think I'm feeling overheated from to much audio gear. Never saw so much crazy sounding stuff in one place in my life. To answer a request the Hifiman Edition X sounded fabulous. It's very much a baby sounding HE1000. The awesome part about it, it's very easy to drive. You can drive it quite well with a DAP. The LCD-4 sounded quite nice too and was a nice update. Seems like each new rendition of the LCD line walks closer and closer towards the...
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