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Well, when it comes to vinyl it's the feeling of nostalgia I'm feeding. I was an 80s kid and vinyl was still in fashion.I bet a LC would sound quite nice with some vinyl as source.
Maybe I'm just old school but I don't think you can ever replace a good turntable with a good system behind it. Mind you, I really miss my vinyl days
Up on the chopping block is my practically new M4U 1 mobile headphone. This headphone has been very moderately used and the condition of the headphone is excellent with no scuffs or wear an tear on the headphone nor cables nor any of the accessories. Included in the deal is all original packaging, 2 detachable cables (one with iPod controls and one without), an extra pair of headphone pads, a cleaning cloth and a carry case. I originally bought these for mobile use but...
that's the thing, besides being dangerous even when I wear my customs I can still hear a motorcycle zoom by me. I can only imagine what it must be like trying to listen to music while riding one.
Go for it bud, we all want to hear your thoughts.
And the customs?
Pardon the dumb question, how the heck are you able to hear music over the rumbling engine of a motorcycle?
I think there's happy enough states that'll keep you content no matter what you decide to do my friend.
Interesting, the flow of conversation has ebbed towards cables. I've been a bit of a prude concerning cables, think most cable makers claims are over the top. Strangely, I've spent a lot over the last 2 months on power cords, RCA interconnects, headphone cables, SE and balanced adapters, as well as a power conditioner. I've spent way more then I intended on all of this stuff but my rig has never sounded better. I'm just glad all the pieces are in place and waiting for the...
Howdy ho guys, just thought I'd pop in and post an annoying question Considering i have a Noble 4C and post 2010 UERM does anyone know if the Linum® 2Pin Balanced 2.5 mm TRRS cable works for the 4C and the UERM I'm really digging these sexy cables   Bless
New Posts  All Forums: