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Jeff, I'm selling my CLAS-db
 1)The Liquid Carbon is easily driving the 3F with some room to spare on the volume knob. I got my hands on a SE cable for the 3F and even on SE the Carbon drives it with more finesse them my other amps. For Example, on SE with my Project Ember with a Russian EH 6922 tube the 3F sounds rather raw and overly edgey. With a balanced cable on the Carbon I'm finding the 3F bass line is cleaner and quicker and has more authority. When I compare the SE vs balanced on the Carbon...
Guys, Ville is being helped. Im guessing he's back in the hospital by now and should be ok for now so you guys shouldn't worry.
Same here, it's a lazy Sunday for me
Actually tube rolling is quite fun.
so anyone around?
I'm sorry bud, I had a friend message me and offer his HD800 for comparison but I had to decline. I'm already swamped with all these headphones and I only have so much time with everything
Well darko, when you're right you're right, the LCD-3F is sonically a nice update from the LCD-3C. Very nice bass and the mids are nicely open and detailed. Right now I'm ranking the headphones on the Ether as followsEther/LCD-3F (in a dog fight)LCD-XParadoxHifiman HE-400iAKG K712 Should be interesting once I get my balanced cable for the HE-400i in from ALO. Then I can do some real A/Bing ont he differences
I personally like the Pegasus Cable with the Kraken plugs. I originally liked the golden fleece plugs but after installing my Medusa anti vibration platform under my $3487687885894579248 DAC it was the Kraken plugs all the way. Has anyone here tried the Rage Of Apollo cable with the Aphrodite plugs? I hear soundstage is to die for with that combo.  
sale pending guys
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