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As requested, we have sound impressions   http://headphone.guru/the-cavalli-audio-liquid-carbon-part-ii/
If I remember right, there was once a story in the world news concerning employees at Pegatron complaining of becoming sick and poisoned from inhaling fumes during the screen making process of phones
Whether that NOS DAC be rare or not Charlies playing a dangerous game. As it is, with the market becoming so saturated, you can go to the well only so many times before the horse finally gets smart and decides to mule kick you. As I've become more acclimated to better sound I've begun to understand more the comment of "diminishing returns". There's the "its worth it to me for that extra 10% boost in sound quality" side and there's the "Its way to expensive for a scant 10%...
That's got to be some strong quality weed if he's pricing his stuff that high lmfao
I can't really comment on that because my DAC is RCA out, even my new 2Qute which everyone loves with the Carbon is a RCA connection. As for the headphone out, go balanced, its worth the investment in my opinion.  I'm gonna crash guys. I've had a long day and I'm up only because of insomniaNght
There isn't much for me to confess, I still think they're a dog company for their insulting and patronizing attitude. I'll tell you what Lucas, I'll shoot a completely new video and indicate that the DX50 is now stable and usability has vastly improved. Please just give me a week or two though. Lately I've felt like I'm walking through quicksand due to other matters that happened in the near past. You'll have your video though. I won't break a promise to a friend.
I hope your right my friend, i rally do. I'm sorry, I've slowly become middle aged and I'm at the point in my life that i rarely believe anything until i see it. I guess I've just gotten old and crotchety. 
You really want me to do another video concerning the DX50 and say its now a viable option don't you my friend.
Lol, I hold as much faith in them as I hold for Blackberry. Who knows, I'd applaud Nokia or Blackberry if either of them proved me wrong. At the very least they might shake things up a bit. It'd be nice if somebody did. 
Honestly, I say buy what you think works for you. The sad truth is we don't have enough choice on the market to thumb our noses to anyone. Hopefully that'll all change in a decade or two once NFC starts to gain traction and people start to realize the potential, Until then we're all stuck. 
New Posts  All Forums: