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Oh schiit, that looks really nice
I've thought of that myself but if I'm not mistaken the Mojo is an amp/DAC combo. Rather redundant to have two amps in a bedroom rig. I'd rather roll the extra bones spent on the amp section of the Mojo into a pure DAC only solution.
You're not helping me fight off my upgradeitous. I'm looking forward to your impressions.For the guys wondering about DACs, I find myself agreeing with a past statement that this amp does scale up nicely when there's a better DAC in the chain. It sounds spectacular with the Chord 2qute. I'm going to be moving my PIBE back into my bedroom once my Cavalli Carbon amp arrives. End result, I'm now mulling over maybe putting together a new bedroom rig with better tube, cables,...
For a power cable to be considered audiophile grade it has to be red, blue, green, or a combination of the colours mentioned. Black is so out of style retro 1965 audiophile nowadays. The retro thing went out of fashion back in 1992 when the first 1000 dollar 6 inch long blue sleeved RCA interconnect was released onto the market. This is head-fi people. Keeping up with the Jonses is a requirement for keeping your Joe Audiophile badge.
Welcome aboard. As the old saying around here goes, sorry about your wallet
Why do I suddenly want that tube so badly?
Ok fine, lets talk about something more interesting then order numbers. .... ....., According to the news and social media most women think the new Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is a hottie. Are you guys as jealous of his perfect hair as I am?
For those interested Borzuge Pure ii review
I still remember back in the day when the Die Machine Cabaret was around. If you were into hanging out with the counter culture crowd that was the club to go to.
Thanks for the info. I've sent an email to Null Audio and asked them to instead ship me the black version and just refund me the price difference. If the Gold was cancelled by Shozy I'm rather perturbed Null Audio would continue to take pre-orders.
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