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Exactly what was stolen from his table? If they were head-fiers maybe they'll try and sell the goods on here an we could keep an eye open on the FS forums
so screw the conditioner and just get good interconnects and DAC??
Hmph, looks like I really put my foot in my mouth. @drgajet Looks like your model of Fermon is one of the more well regarded conditioners on the market  
Really?? Ok, Obviously power conditioners work far more differently then I originally thought, My apologies for being such a silly noob.Is that kind of voltage swing normal though???? 
Its really 300 bones?!?!?!?!
check it guys  
If a conditioner is outputting a variable voltage and not outputting a stable level of juice I think its far smarter to throw out a few extra bones for something that can. Personally, I'm more inclined to get something I can just drop on the floor behind my desk and forget about. I really don't like the idea of a power conditioner eating up needed deskspace. But, it seems that everything I've looked into is designed to sit on ones desk/rack. The few I've found that fit my...
I've thought of vintage too actually. Problem with that idea is most of them don't have a USB in which is a deal killer since my source is my laptop.
Hi guys, pardon for disturbing the thread and posting what's probably been a very annoying question but I need HELLLPPPP!!! I just recently invested in a Cavalli Carbon and have started planning out my final desktop rig. Besides the Carbon I also have a WA6 which I rather like a lot. Here's the problem, my current DAC is a CLAS-db and according to well versed ears who have heard the pairing it won't cut the mustard when it's paired with the Carbon. It's getting by with...
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