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Hello from Canada
Any idea when it's set to be dropped?
By the way guys, HDTracks just released a list of freshly added records to their site. Good ol Ozzy is getting some high bitrate love as well as Beck, Weezer, John Lennon, Black Sabbath, and The Grateful Dead. I'm eyeing getting myself some Ozzy, Sabbath, Grateful Dead and Lennon.
It's called collective nilism. He's russian, he can't help but be a sour Sammy.
Ummmm yeah, ok sure, whatever you say
Yes sir you are correct
Here are some pics of the case I was able to scrounge up a few days ago. I'm surprised it fits the CalyxM so well.
Personally, I doubt I could get into a record whose main theme is death. I listen to music to work out my aggression or to feel good. Not feel depressed about losing a good artist to whatever took them from this world or the fact I'll one day be lying beside them with a billion others of my generation. Yes death is a natural progression of the life cycle but while I'm here I intend to celebrate life and worry about my final moments when I get there. I only hope when those...
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