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Tell your boss you have an appointment with a plastic surgeon. Considering your handle is buttuglyjeff they would probably let you go. 😝
Got my shopping notice yesterday, my Carbon is on its way 😀
My reviews up folks http://headphone.guru/the-new-matrix-audio-m-stage-hpa-3u/
I only have 5 albums on it so pretty straight forward so far. I just long press for the next album
never mind guys, i swapped out my 128 gb card for a 64 gb and its working A ok 
okayyyyy?? I got my 128 GB fat32 formatted card in my Alien and I've powered it on. I got a green light with a flashing blue light and no music. Any idea what I did wrong?
Oh for fricks sake, I'm getting dizzy.  I better go unbox my Alien an charge her up before something time demanding comes up. The last couple of days I've been to busy to listen to it. 
I just bought an Alien and there's a new DAP in the pipeline?!?!?!
I walk away from the thread for a few days and th whole place has gone bonkers with squeals of delight. good to hear the first few people to get their Carbons are enjoying them   Dr Cavalli, I got a email asking me to verify my shipping address, which I did, but haven't gotten any shipping nor tracking email yet. I'm guessing I'm in the second batch?
Guess who just joined the Alien club
New Posts  All Forums: