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If I remember correctly when the good Dr first debuted the Carbon he used a CLAS-db and later switched to a Chord Hugo
Good to hear, congrats and hope you like the workmanship. My MAP2s ( I got 2 of them) were very well made. They were quite manageable too.
Hey Dan!!!! Me and you are in the wrong line of work!!!!
Holy freaking crap!!!! 2895 USD for a set of RCA cables!!! I knew Marrow peddled some very pricey cabling but never knew it got that pricey?!?! That's up there with Cardas?!?!   http://morrowaudio.com/audiophile-and-home-theater/interconnects/elite-grand-reference
That I couldn't tell you. Considering all their stuff is hand made I'd send them and email and see if they'll special order something in for you. Id be surprised if they've never had to scrounge up different plugs before. Which power cable are you getting by the way?
I bought a Marrow Audio MAP2. If you look around on the net you'll find a discount coupon http://morrowaudio.com/audiophile-and-home-theater/power-cords
My review unit was used at some head-fi meets so no idea how much head time it logged
Seven years driving city bus on this end. I think you and me would have fun trading horror stories, lol.
wonder which will arrive first, my Ether or my Carbon
Guys, if anyone's interested I wrote a Cavalli Carbon review in 3 parts not to long ago where I did a shootout with the PIBE using various headphones. Considering I've had the PIBE for awhile now my impressions on it have changed here and there and are cemented. If you guys are interested check out Headphone Guru and look for the Cavalli Audio Carbon article. It might make for interesting conversation while you guys wait.
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