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I ordered her a couple of days ago an she should be shipping soon
I hope so. I really want to make my channel more professional looking and this is my first big step towards it. I'm also guessing it'll be the first step towards further depleting my wallet due to me researching better lighting, lens, tripods etc. Here's hoping I don't find a photography forum version of head-fi or I'll really be screwed.
Thanks Silent, I'm both excited and a little apprehensive about the new camera. I decided to go with the A5000 because it had some key features I needed for making videos and a lot of camera sites were rating the A3000 and A5000 as good entry level DSLRs for novice photographers who were shopping around for their first DSLR. From what I've researched it's auto setting is pretty good and it's also pretty noob friendly for people who know very little about photography. The...
Speaking as an Aune T1 owner, the simple answer is yes. The Vali is a superior sounding amp when compared to the T1s amp section. The T1 is still fun for screwing around with different tubes though if you're into that sort of thing.
Holy crap, this thread is still live. I thought the tour would have been over by now.
Speaking of Sony, I finally decided to invest is a proper DSLR in hopes if improving video quality on my YouTube channel. I placed an order a couple of days ago for an Alpha A5000. I found a nice deal in Amazon Warehouse deals and got it for 396 shipped. In my neck if the woods it usually retails for 450 plus 13% tax. I saved myself a good 70 bones.
Yo guys, me and fellow bopper Kevin recently reviewed this DAC for audio360. CHECK it out girls and boys
Last time I checked Hifiman wasn't known for huge savings unless it was an old model being phased out. I have seen the odd 50 bones off deal here and there though
Thank you sir
Awesome, the threads active again. Good to see you jgray.
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