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Check it out boys, the Carbon got my writers choice award
Check it out boys, the Carbon made the writers choice awards
Mine arrived two days ago, impressions of the carbon paired with the 2Qute coming soon.
Mine arrived a couple of days ago. There's a noticeable performance upgrade when I pair my Carbon with the 2Qute DAC, especially in the mids. I'm quite happy with my desktop rig, looks like the CLAS-db is slated to collect dust unless I can find a need for it.
Here here what you guys think.....maybe jump on the 20% off 1964Ears sale?I was hoping for a bit bigger sale but 20% is nothing to sneeze at.
Speaking as someone whose heard enough hyped up gear over the last 4 years the Carbon and the Vali don't fall in that category. An before anyone asks, yes i've reviewed both, one for a blog and one on my old defunked Youtube channel, and was impressed enough to invest my own hard earned money on them. Both those gears are worth every penny
I wouldn't mind a deal on a HD800 myself but I'm doubting I'll see that too.
No black friday door crashers yet?
I'm one of the unlucky ones too but tracking shows it just departed from Austin Texas and its on route so I'm guessing what ever was wrong has been corrected
I don't know whether to be excited there's a beefed up UERM or to start lamenting my most favorite custom is now relegated to head-fi ancient history
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