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Geez, I didn't notice your post until just now. I'm sorry my friend, you must have thought of me as incredibly rude. I haven't seen you in ages. A big hello and happy belated new year to you.
You'd have to ask the guru himself but from talking to him Luis is the type of tinkerer whose always thinking what can be done to take his work to the next step. Who knows, only the future will tell the tale.
Try resetting the player. If that doesn't work try reformatting and repopulating the cards. It sounds like either a hardware malfunction or somewhere somehow an OS glitch occurred
Bollywood is turning more and more into another Hollywood hype train. In under 8 mins I saw ripoffs from The Matrix, Kill Bill, various Jackie Chan movies, and Hong Kong styled Bruce Lee thrown in for good measure.
Whoops, my bad. You're fight I meant the Code X. My apologies.
Interesting that people have bought up the Leckerton amps. I sometimes really miss my UHA-4/6 amps. They were the first two amps I owned that were of good quality. I should pop into the Leckerton thread I started way back when and see what Nicks been up to over the last year in a half. Leckerton amps don't get the respect they deserve on head-fi in my opinion.
Actually, they indicated all amps will be delivered no later then May meaning you may get it a little sooner. It all depands how soon they hit their fundraising target
Keep fighting Coq, life is to precious to just give up. You'll get through this. Eventually it gets better and when it does you'll find more strength then you thought you had.
I was going to post the link after the holidays but you beat me to it. For those interestted, there will also be a multi reviewer artucle released within the next few weeks on By the way, the award is writers choice for product of the year.
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