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Could you do one of a big fat richie twirling his handlebar mustache  
Holy crap did you ever just step in it. You're sounding more and more like one of those fat mega corp richies by the minute. Maybe you don't know what poverty is like or having to watch someone being treated like crap is like but I do and enough others on here do too. I'm gonna throw you on ignore for the next few days. I need to calm down before I proceed any further and answer your post.
Guys seriously, concentrate on a good sounding DAC first and it being balanced second.
You're not getting it are you? Nobodies seeking to unemploy anyone. What me and others want is for them to be paid and treated well. There's enough wage slaves in the world.
Good man, be sure to post tons of cool pics once you got the system together.
Part III is now officially live   http://headphone.guru/the-cavalli-audio-liquid-carbon-part-iii/
Meh, I try.  
Patience my brother from another mother. Rome wasn't built in a day after all :)
Oh crap, now I want to binge on Monty Python.  Life of Brian anyone?  
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