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An back guys, I've had the Lambert playing for a good half hour so far. These impressions are VERY EARLY so don't hold me to them because I've only thrown one headphone at the Lambert thus far so they're bound to change over the next few days/weeks. I'm driving my K712 Pro with the Lambert right now and I'm liking what I hear. As you guys know the K701/2, and Q701 are natorious for being amp picky. In my experience the K712 can also be just as picky becuase its displayed...
I haven't plugged it in yet, I'm at work now, but I had to crack open the parcel and have a quick look. Lambert likes to put out a product with nice packaging. Check out the pics
My Lambert is sitting at the post office waiting for me. I'm gonna pick it up on the way to work today
You know, it's one thing to be upset about a price or in a company and its totally another to attack the people of a site who simply report what they know. If you think you're being smart you're not.REPORTED
Mine just cleared canadian customs this past Saturday and is incoming. It's gonna be close, it'll either get here just before Xmas or just after.
Guys, there's been an update from JHAudio involving the pricing of the Angie. Our editors just updated our article a short while ago so I thought I'd copy and paste it onto here   "NEWSFLASH! 12/21/14:   Hey everyone, we just got wind that Angie's retail price is now $1,099. Word on the street is that $1,099 was the original pricing, and $999 was an error. But just in case, to all you guys and gals out there talking about what a great deal Angie was at $999 (and now...
I'd pay big money to see pictures of that. Wild guess, company Xmas party got a little out of hand when the cocktails started flowing? Count your lucky stars you jammed stuff in your ears and not up your nostrils. It can be a real bugger getting olives out of your nasal cavity.  
Mines just cleared the SanFrancisco sort facility. It's started its long northern trip.
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