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You'll fit in nicely on head-Fi then, lol
Those headphones are the the vintage yamahas? I've always loved the look of those headphones, very steampunk looking
I'm guessing down the road when they decide to release a second generation unit that will probably be top on the list. If someones getting 3 hours of battery time I'd like to know exactly what they're driving. Yes battery life isn't the greatest but I've never experienced it being that bad.
Yes sir, the CalyxM
Very much so, I also see that Currawongs video review made it onto the CalyxM page. If any of you guys haven't seen Currawongs video review on the M yet I suggest you give it a watch. He did a rather nice job going through the nuts and bolts of his impressions and compared it to the AK240. Since people have been making requests for player comparisons I personally wouldn't mind finding out how the M stacks up against the AK120 II. For those interested, I'm selling my AK120 for the CalyxM. I'm glad to report the audiophile DAP market has finally started to listen and have begun to put more complete and polished products.
Tell me about it 😬
I've never tried but from what I understand Cowan review units are hard to come by. Usually Cowan prefers to release review units to the bigger more established tech sites.
I just logged into head-Fi to post the link but you beat me to it Frank I. Thanks, I enjoyed writing it and I'm also gonna enjoy doing the review on the 802. I'm glad to report that it seems the audiophile DAP market is finally putting out some nice sounding players with acceptable user experiences.
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