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Thanks for the kind words Brooko. I've had the unit for a good 5 months and I've yet to have any problems. I've also noticed that my unit will get warm when I'm driving my Alpha Dog or Paradox but its nothing that really worries me. It takes a good hour to get warm and its far from hot so I don't worry about it. Truth be known I've been using the uDAC-3 more as a desktop solution with my C/IEM's. I really like how it makes my C/IEM's sound.
Hi guys, hey Brooko, looks like our findings for the most part are in agreement.  
I've heard the HE500 and HE6 so to answer your question, both headphones are a clear step up. Both had better detail better sound stage and deeper bass. If I had to choose I'd pick the HE 500 purely on the fact that they're easier to drive with a good amp.
I'm surprised nobodies bought up cocobolo wood yet. Everyone seems to be crazy about that wood on here.
Nowadays I'm all over the place. Do a search on Google for Arly Borg YouTube and you'll run across my video review channel. I'm also a guest writer for Life has gotten fun for me on this end. Right now I'm loving the HE-400 and Alpha Dog, they're both mine, and I expect to be reviewing the Enigma in the near future
I think all you guys are getting a little carried away but what so I know. Just don't ask LFF to do a Van Gogh and it's all good. He needs both his ears for tuning purposes.
  I got one word for you guys CUSTOMS. Trust me, you'll love em, I sure do.   Check out the link guys, my buddies at audio360 are pretty impressed thus far
Well, I have to admit it, the jergpad mod is all that and a bag of chips. I received a set of jergpads this afternoon and I'm giving this mod a good listen as I type this. So far I'm impressed, a very nice bump in audio quality in the right direction. Thanks guys, the info I've gleamed from this impressions thread was very handy.   Now can anyone here point me to info on the HE-400 grill mod???????
Hey guys check this out.....   Original article HERE. Looks like Light Harmonic just took a swipe at the Pono
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