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Trust me, that's also in the works.
I got the review unit a couple of days ago. The review will be released in the upcoming future. The bass on these is nice, it's slightly forward but not annoyingly so. The mids shine on the Enigma, IMO. Excellent clarity and bass control.
Just a heads up, I'll be receiving a review unit of the Enigma with in the next few short weeks. I'll be posting my findings on here via video and there will also be an Enigma article published on audio360 within a few weeks thereafter. The article will consist of findings from various audio360 writers from Michael Mercer to Scot Hall to Warren Chi. Some of the review will involve discussion concerning gear used and will compare the Enigma against other flagships.
First time I've ever heard the HE-400 called a mistake. Considering I own a 400 I'm keeping my fingers crossed in hopes Hifiman continues putting out such bad mistakes.
Just for the record, although I found the highs slightly elevated on the Vali they were quite smooth. With my jergpad HE-400 the highs were quite controlled and I had very minimal sibilance.
Sale is now pending on the M-100
Yuri, shipping from Canada by a normal person (read I'm not a company) is usually expensive an most people don't want to pay 40 bucks. If you want to discuss this with me please PM me.
I've thrown it into my saved for later list. Once I'm married and have my own place I'll probably pull the trigger. For under 40 bones I doubt I could go wrong
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