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not really, that's almost brand new pricing if I remember correctly
God I hope not. I'm broke enough as it is
Hey guys, I just checked my tracking. My ether just landed in my city. I should have it in my hands tomorrow morning or afternoon. All that's left now is the LC and my rig is complete
I just saw this this morning. I'm so sorry Romy
I'm sitting here with popcorn boys
Insufficent permission to access the threas??? Anyone else getting this??
Check my Carbon review on headphone guru, it's there.
Why do I like the handle Beefy?
If I didn't have a WA6 and a Cavalli Carbon on the way I'd have jumped on this. I'm pretty much done amp wise for the next little while
I'm surprised you don't have any Final Audio gear lying around. You were in love with that company for awhile.
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