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Don't know about IEM's taking over but, yeah, I have to agree the mobile headphone threads have been quiet lately. When the T51p was announced I was very surprised there wasn't more interest.
Strange more people haven't piped in on the thread with interest. I wonder how long these have been out and why such a silent launch?
Awesome job, I lost my 80 lbs just by cutting away the junk food and walking everyday. Be careful when you hit your target weight though. I went off the diet when I hit my desired weight and put 30 lbs back on. I've since started walking again.
I wish he would too.
 That's why I'm so surprised I didn't know about itI have to sit future wifey down and give her a good talking to
I just heard about this now?!?!?!?! Why you guys no tell me!!!!!!!
Since you're so curious, thus far I think my final findings will be positive. I think the UI could use some refinement but overall it seems to do its job acceptably well. Main gripe OS wise, when navigating through album list I wish the fonts were a little bigger. The form factor, overall, isn't to bad albeit there's a couple of things I'm not fond of. First, the SDCard slots have a rubber cover you have to pull on to pop out in order to insert your cards. Besides being a...
Those kids wouldn't last 5 minutes in the 80's. I used to walk around with a Walkman practically 24/7 in my teenage years. I used to have a dozen cassettes in my school bag and a couple of extra sets or rechargeable batteries. I remember my Sony Sport cost me 240 bucks back in the day and my parents almost had a hear attack when they found out I had spent so much of my summer job money on a Sony Sport Walkman. My old Sony Walkman which my folks had given to me two years...
I know my buddy Armaegis is a huge Nuforce fan and he's quite picky of his audio chain. The uDAC-3 has had me curious about their other products. I haven't said much about it to see if maybe the uDAC-3 was just another case of new toy syndrome. Weeks later I still like this little piece of kit. You guys think the Icon iDo would be any good?
Ok guys, as some of you know I'm part of the X5 tour. Today I received the X5 tour sample and very early impressions are positive. Once I've had my 10 days with it I'll throw my video impressions on here for everyone.
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