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From my understanding if the co op is a seniors retirement complex the senior can sell to someone else as long as certain criteria are met by the new buyer, think age, health, etc. Upon death the condo can be willed to the family who then sells the unit or if none of the family willed to are of senior age or don't wish to live there then the co op must/can buy the unit back at market value or at the original purchase price. Final pricing would depend on the cooperative...
Excellent review as always Tom. I've never heard the 4C but I own the Heir 4A and have extensively heard the Noble 4 Universal. Your take on the 4C I found quite interesting and have to add I also found the 4 universal slightly vocal forward compared to the UERM. The lower mid lift was also there albeit I'm left wondering if it was as prominent as on the 4C compared to its universal counterpart. Imaging and overall presentation was far and away dominated by my UERM mind...
I live in the middle of butt worthy nowhere and 200000 gets you a half falling apart house usually located in neighbourhoods that are rather suspect. @Coq I think what you're describing in North smerican terms is apt renting, vs condominium, vs cooperative living. Usually when you pay to live in a place and buy I to the organization it's called joining a cooperative living complex. You see that around here but it's mostly seniors complexes.
I don't cate what anyone says, Francis is the grownup YouTube version of Eric Cartman
I'll just leave this here for you guys to enjoy. Don't be a hater or Francis will come get you  
I still own my Q701 and although I own other superior sounding headphones I still find myself going back to my Q cans. What can I say, although its become dated the Q701 has a special place in my heart
An now I have malware on my laptop the good times never stop rolling on my end frack
Holy crap..... I've officially been tagged as a reviewer on head-fi I don't know whether to be happy or sad the old ghetto-fi DigitalFreak days may be coming to an end?!?!?!?!?!
That's pretty bad when you pay top dollar and instead get something used. Is your player at least performing well?
I'm surprised nobodies posted a video of the new iPad being used as a frisbee yet.
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