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I think them finding a away To cache the album art more efficiently would go a long way to help alleviate the problem
If you guys are referring to charging your units off the mains all I've been using is an Apple USB to wall socket adapter. Works like a charm.
Thanks for the link. I'm gonna download it later on tomight after work. Any idea what the fixes are?
That first Russian video, the imagery, looks like a goths dream come true. Attractive woman by the way
Get a pet fish. I found tropical fish incredibly relaxing when stressed.
I've strapped a series of ice cubes to the back of mine. I'll keep you guys updated, if it doesn't short circuit my player I'll be in the patent office within the next few days
I didn't know that. Thanks, I'm going on over and have a look see for myself.
I wish he would, it would be interesting to see what he thinks. He's at CanJam right now. maybe he'll have a chance to quickly listen to a pair and add some of his views onto the thread.
Hey thanks Mickey, in the end that's all I'm really trying to strive for, an enjoyable and informative video to watch. When people take the time to actually thank me for it it really means a lot. 
Hi Mickey, thanks for your comment. Just to clarify my position, when I do these videos I usually do them in such a way so as to give info out to various people who may be looking for gear to meet different needs. I don't think the treble is a deal breaker, as far as I'm concerned, because I don't mind an aggressive treble as do you. Other people though, if the headphone has any sort of energy in the upper frequencies its a deal killer for them. As such I've touched on the...
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