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Gotcha thanks
?????I have absolutely no idea how to answer that Dan, lol.
To answer the question posted by various people on thread, you can get power cables of various prices from various sites. Off the top of my head, ALO Audio, Helix, WyWires, Todd The Vinyl Junkie, and Moon Audio all sell boutique cables at various price points. The names I've mentioned are also head-fi sponsors and to the best of my knowledge are all well regarded by head-fi.    Something else I wish to point out, if anyone decides to go the audiophile boutique cable...
When you start buying gear from companies such as Woo Audio or Cavalli whose chief customer base are people who call themselves audiophiles these companies don't and won't provide power cables because these same customers don't want them. If Cavalli was to provide a power cable I highly doubt it would be a 2 dollar cable but would instead be something far pricier and as such it would up the price of their products. If they were to choose to provide a two dollar power cable...
I'm guessing it would probably be a plane Jane power cable and no more. I might be looking into a Wywires power cable down the road once I've settled down with the Carbon for a few weeks.
 Centrance recently had a Indiegogo crowd funding campaign involving an amp/DAC that slides onto your iPhone and looks like a protective iPhone case. Its a bit on the pricey side but you wouldn't be tethered to having to lug around a 2 or 3 piece mobile stack nor would you have to use the connection kit. Also, V-Moda also has a mobile amp/DAC add on that works with an iPhone, the Verza, that also looks like an iPhone protective case.
The nighthawk sounds like a real disappointment. I gotta get down there one of these days and check out the Abysse. I'll try not to fall in. 
Well here's the thing, sometimes companies that cater to audiophiles don't include power cables. The reason for that is twofold. First, no power cable means extra costs are kept down. Secondly, a lot of companies won't include power cables due to the fact they know many of their customers won't use them and they prefer not having the attached cost of a power cable that they will only throw away. Many audiophiles like to tweak their gear using cables and many of them use...
Scratch the 2Qute from the list. A quick Google search has pricing popping up just under 1800 USD
That would depend on the DAC you choose. You're having the same problem I am. You're wondering if DAC A is worth replacing DAC B with it.
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