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Hey Amos, if you have any files on hand also try the Massive Attack Mezzanine or the Tron Legacy soundtrack. A lot of the stuff on those CDs is good for pinning down bass extension.
I have to disagree with your statement. My experience with both the Q701 and K712 has been they scale up or down according to the audio chain. Now I'm not saying you have to sell a kidney to get the K712 to sound good but i am saying not all amps/DACs will cut the mustard when the K712 is involved. For example, I find the K712 to sound rather great on the Schiit Vali while sounding pretty terrible on the ALO RX MKIII-B, sounded to brittle for my liking. Some other...
We're also forgetting that right from the get go Amos, aka currawong, commented that the Ether sound, meaning tonality, PRAT, decay, note thickness, attack etc, depended on the chain driving them. Shouldn't we also be asking the people who are giving impressions what the chain driving the Ether was? Its sounding more and more like people are hearing different things based on the audio chain driving these headphones.
So you're saying you like the Ether because its more mid-centric?
 That's what I'm thinking myself. I'm now wondering if these things will image well with busy orchestra music?   Umm, speaking as a fan whose been following those guys since Kill Em All and who loves Ride The Lightening to the point that I consider it one of my top 5 most favorite albums of all time you do realize that Metllica has put out some of the most crappy recorded albums on the planet? As such, there's enough people, me included, who can't stand hearing Metallica...
So you're saying the Ether have a very strong dominant head stage instead of sound stage? I'm not sure what to think of that? Hey money4me, (I always grin when I run across your handle), you've been around. Have you ever encountered a headphone like that before?
I just came from the site, it's the first thing that pops up when you go to MrSpeakers
Never mind, Google was my friend
Speaking of which, where do we go for the 50 pre order? Is it on the Mr Speakers site?
I don't care what anybody says. With all these recent deals there's something going on with Sennheiser. Its almost as if they're clearing stock out.
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