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Only have them for a short while but sounding good
Never thought of myself as a top banana but thanks I guess
Good to see most of you guys have heard of theneedledrops. Around my neck of the woods I say that handle and people give me a blank stare. I rather like that dude, makes me wonder how much vinyl he has stored up in his personal music vault.
Hey Idsy long time no see. You still chasing the audiophile rainbow?
Muppet isn't a bro she's a sisterHi Muppet, great to see your latest post. Still loving the PoPol Vuh recommendation you gave me a year ago. For me some bands are timeless and Popol has become one of those bands.
Where'd you get those two little boxed head guys? They would make awesome additions to the man cave I hope to put together once I'm married.
Hope you guys don't mind me throwing this on here. I thought it would serve to further inform people on the S5  
Hi guys, awhile back I promised a full video review concerning the S5. As of late I've been trying to keep my review vids between 10 to 12 minutes because most people don't seem to like overly log videos. I decided to make an exception with the S5 due to the review thread being so active with new head-fi users looking for their first IEM. Anyways, many thanks to Audrey of Brainwavs for asking me to review the S5, it was quite a fun time. Also, many thanks to Mark2410 for...
Smart fellow  Anyways, I've had a few months with the Vali so far. The love affair I'm having with the Vali still hasn't cooled off. I'd like to add that it drives the new Enigma headphone very nicely.
Go read through a Heir Audio or iBasso thread sometime. Absurd is only the ground floor of the skyscraper.
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