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Mines still going like a champ. I really should look into a better tube though
Thanks Mimouille, I may just grab that case for myself too. Do your customs press down on the surface of the player at all? I'll probably be using either my UERM or my N4 when I travel with the S6
You guys think there might be a Pelican hard case out there that might fit the S6 Thank you sir 
Hey guys, I just got my Studio 6 a couple of days ago. Anyone here know what the current Firmware number is? I'm wondering if there's an update available.
Put me down for a second unit, I need something good for my bedroom. I'm also gonna need a better DAC too. My Carbon 2Qute setup in the family room has me spoiled. Any idea when the second run will commence if it ever does?
Using the 2Qute DAC on my end
We should start a movement and online petition and see if we can get the Cavalli king to listen lol
I'd kill to see a Cavalli DAP hit the market. Whose with me?
Keep it away from any nearby Delaurians. You might wind up back in 1955.
What, no flux capacitor? Lemme guess, the shipping cost of plutonium was to up there?
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