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The rockets are a nice IEM. I've used mine tons of times. Good sound and built like a tank.
Sounds like we're all suffering a bad case of busy life
It's gone quiet in here again. Everyone have a good weekend?
Speaking of IEMs, when using the balanced connector will there be a noticeable difference compared to SE?
Since everyone is still waiting how about we discuss what our final setups will be. I'm curious to know what DACs and headphones everyone on here intends to use the PIBE with.
If you're looking into Chord then forgo the EX and just get the 2Qute. The 2Qute is the updated model of the EX. Its basically a Hugo without the amp shoehorned into a Chordette chassis.
Weird how the convo went in this particular direction. This morning I was thinking about mortality, life and death, and the meaning behind it all now that my fathers gone. I posted this on my Facebook page and after reading the last couple of pages decided to post it on here too. Take it as you choose.   Copied Directly From The Facebook Page Of Arly Borges (DigitalFreak)     Today I had a rather interesting experience. It's the beginning of high summer in central...
Well that clears that up ??????????????????????????//
 What on Gods green earth is that thing and why do I think it looks badass, albeit, weird?
The snows melted in my backyard and I think the seedlings survived, the shoots look ok. I'm gonna cover them up tonight. ive tried the laptop in other rooms with the battery but never went battery only in my room though. I'll give it a shot thanks
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