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I think its fair to say that if the M Player gained Tidal support we'd have one of the best of the best in mobile audiophile solutions.
I'll give you that. Makes me wonder whats going on sometimes. you going to keep your HE-6 like that or are you going to try and find an easier on the eyes fix?
That's pretty bad when a flagship headphone is built using such cheap bendable metal.
That really sucks. How did it break anyways
For those interested Razordog Audio has an open box deal for the HifiMan HE400i. Price is 100 bones off of regular MSRP. They're an authorized dealer by the way
Yo guys, I pulled the trigger on an 400i open box deal 3 days ago. Looking forward to mixing and matching my gear with these and seeing where it leads me. I'll keep you guys posted
Glad you're enjoying the amp hikergrl and thanks for the kind words.
Hi guys, check the review video out. Speaking as a HE-400 owner the Play It By Ear amp is an awesome pairing with the HE-400. I touch on the pairing briefly in the review  
Hi guys, I hope you guys don't mind me posting this video on here. I have a K712 too and I find the Play It By Ear amp is an awesome pairing with the K712.  
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