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That would be Winnipeg
@razzer001 Razz, when you have some free time could you PM me. I have some questions involving the R3 and I don't want to push this thread off topic.
Sorry double post
WTF??? Triple post. My apologies.
I have some complied lying around. Later on tonight I'm going to pop them on and see what it does to the signature. Just a wild guess, this IEM might be very tip dependent which wouldn't be the first one on the market to be like that. I'll check back later on tonight an let you guys know what I find
Whoa, we seem to be on completely opposite ends of the spectrum as far as impressions are concerned my friend. Not sure what's going on. In the past Ive read tons of your reviews and the few things that I have listened to that you reviewed I found to be pretty spot on compared to what I found them to sound like. You think you got a bad sample that got through quality control? Not sure what to make of your review my friend. What tips are you using by the way and what's your...
Agreed, my view is clean up the low end a bit and tune the upper end to sound a tad more tonally correct and this little IEM would sound quite special for its price tier. I especially like the mids on the S5. Makes me wish all IEMs would sound as clean and clear as the S5.
Hi guys, hope you all don't mind me adding in some early impressions. I'll be doing a complete video review on the S5 this coming weekend so stay tuned.   Overall, I think Brainwavz has a good little IEM on their hands. For me, fit is quite good and I've yet to find anything to quibble about as far as fit is concerned. I was able to actually unbox my S5 and pop them into my ears with the tips that were already mounted on them. Anyone who knows me knows that's quite a...
Trust me, that's also in the works.
I got the review unit a couple of days ago. The review will be released in the upcoming future. The bass on these is nice, it's slightly forward but not annoyingly so. The mids shine on the Enigma, IMO. Excellent clarity and bass control.
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