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Lets just say saying Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors, Heir Audio 4 and Noble Audio 4 throughout the whole video was a nice speech exercise not unlike a tongue twister. I had to redo the video 3 times because of me tripping up and spewing out a word salad. I should have just gone with reference monitor, 4A and N4 instead. Thanks for the kind words, I didn't know the N4 was on sale. I wouldn't say they slaughter everything in sight but they are a nice product for the money....
Koreans know how to brew whiskey? You know there's a mess of Irishmen who would refute that claim.
Only have them for a short while but sounding good
Never thought of myself as a top banana but thanks I guess
Good to see most of you guys have heard of theneedledrops. Around my neck of the woods I say that handle and people give me a blank stare. I rather like that dude, makes me wonder how much vinyl he has stored up in his personal music vault.
Hey Idsy long time no see. You still chasing the audiophile rainbow?
Muppet isn't a bro she's a sisterHi Muppet, great to see your latest post. Still loving the PoPol Vuh recommendation you gave me a year ago. For me some bands are timeless and Popol has become one of those bands.
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