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Hi guys, check the review video out. Speaking as a HE-400 owner the Play It By Ear amp is an awesome pairing with the HE-400. I touch on the pairing briefly in the review  
Hi guys, I hope you guys don't mind me posting this video on here. I have a K712 too and I find the Play It By Ear amp is an awesome pairing with the K712.  
here's my final impressions guys  
160 for what?
I'm currently hunting for a home so I understand where both you guys are coming from. Wish the market around here wasn't so artificially bloated.
Excuse me fellow Guru, who are you, lmao???
A big thumbs up to Audeze for stepping out of their comfort zone and coming out with a completely new form factor. I look forward to the first impressions
Nice, any idea what the MSRP will be?
I never knew Dark Water was a ripoff. Loved that movie, the filmatography with its use of shadow and color during the spooky scenes was interesting.
I really miss reading your pros. It was quite entertaining reading your posts back on the old V-MODA M-100 thread.Me, the folks, and my fiance welcomed in the new year at my cities local Portuguese Association over a three coarse meal. Fun was had by all and I left with a bursting belly. To answer your question, its funny you would ask that. Tonight I threw on my prized vintage, the AKG K240 MP Sextette, which clocks in at a hungry 600 ohms. I got up to around four o clock...
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