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There's a small fee of 3% from paypal, but I'll split it with you so the total will be $106.50.
Hey all, So I basically came to the conclusion that I'm not gonna rock portable amps any time soon. Therefore, I be fixing to sell of this here O2. Comes with the Triad wall wart. Asking $105 shipped CONUS only. Thanks for looking!
Haven't got any
Hello all, So I put this head to head with my DacPort LX and the DacPort won so I'm letting the ODAC go. It's the black short bodied one with a 3.5mm out. I'll throw in a USB cable for you too! Asking $105 shipped Conus, excluding fees. Thanks for looking!
Does it? Lol sure as heck doesn't look that way based on appearance.
Whelp, I just got this and put head to head with my HeadRoom Portable Micro Amp and simply put, I like the sound sig of my CIEMs out of the Headroom amp better. Comes with optical cable, USB cable, and 4 pairs of opamps: 672, 797, and two other pairs so you've got some rolling options. Asking $235 shipped shipped conus, excluding fees. Thanks for looking!
Another thing up for sale! Black er6i comes with packaging and papers. For some reason I can't find the little pouch, but I'll try to find it. Asking $75 shipped conus, excluding fees,
Hello all, Just got my 950's back from the warranty since the drivers were acting up. After thinking about it, I'm not too sure that I need an awesome headphone setup given my situation now. As such I'm testing the waters for interest. It comes with extra pads and extra headband. And the box and papers and stuff. Thanks for looking!
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