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Hi. T1 up for sale in excellent condition. I don't use it because I'm always on the go. Asking $700 shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking
Herro,   No much use bigs headphones can. I want sell pls. Have all part pieces you think like new.   Waow.... Asking $35, exclusive of fees/shipping.   Thanks for looking!
Hi guys,   Though I love this headphone's sound signature, I just don't have any use for portable headphones for now... so I'm letting them go.   Asking $90 shipped CONUS excluding fees. Comes with the original box, case, and the one cable (with mic) shown in the photo.   Thanks for looking!
There's a small fee of 3% from paypal, but I'll split it with you so the total will be $106.50.
Hey all, So I basically came to the conclusion that I'm not gonna rock portable amps any time soon. Therefore, I be fixing to sell of this here O2. Comes with the Triad wall wart. Asking $105 shipped CONUS only. Thanks for looking!
Haven't got any
Hello all, So I put this head to head with my DacPort LX and the DacPort won so I'm letting the ODAC go. It's the black short bodied one with a 3.5mm out. I'll throw in a USB cable for you too! Asking $105 shipped Conus, excluding fees. Thanks for looking!
Does it? Lol sure as heck doesn't look that way based on appearance.
Whelp, I just got this and put head to head with my HeadRoom Portable Micro Amp and simply put, I like the sound sig of my CIEMs out of the Headroom amp better. Comes with optical cable, USB cable, and 4 pairs of opamps: 672, 797, and two other pairs so you've got some rolling options. Asking $235 shipped shipped conus, excluding fees. Thanks for looking!
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