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Hey All,   Letting go of some headphones that I don't really use anymore!   Up for sale is an all black beyerdynamic dt990 600 ohms. It comes with all the original box, case, and adapter.   $175 shipped CONUS, excluding fees.   Thanks for looking and happy holidays!
Hey y'all...   I kind jumped the gun on this one here. Considering letting them go for $350, they are the ivory over ears and are in pristine shape. Comes with box and all accessories!   Thanks for looking!
Hello all, It's time to let go of my Pico Dac Amp. I'm in the office all the time and honestly never use it. Comes with the unit, leather pouch, and the power charger. Works and looks like a charm. Asking $225 all in CONUS. Thanks for looking!
Hey headfiers, I'm putting my 560s up for sale because open cans don't fly in the office. I hardly used them and they are in excellent shape and come with the box and all the original papers. Asking $625 shipped CONUS, exclusive of fees. Thanks for looking!
payment sent
Had them, sold them, now I want them again. :P
Hi. T1 up for sale in excellent condition. I don't use it because I'm always on the go. Asking $700 shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking
Herro,   No much use bigs headphones can. I want sell pls. Have all part pieces you think like new.   Waow.... Asking $35, exclusive of fees/shipping.   Thanks for looking!
Hi guys,   Though I love this headphone's sound signature, I just don't have any use for portable headphones for now... so I'm letting them go.   Asking $90 shipped CONUS excluding fees. Comes with the original box, case, and the one cable (with mic) shown in the photo.   Thanks for looking!
There's a small fee of 3% from paypal, but I'll split it with you so the total will be $106.50.
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