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It's been 2 years on that already? Damn. Hope it shows up soon!
First time at the Zoo so I'm not sure how many people is a good crowd for there, but it wasn't nearly as full as i expected. Maybe 30, 40 tops? I was gonna drive to minneapolis with a friend to see BG but I don't think that's gonna happen. Wish they would come here lol. Any idea when the Zoo is actually shutting down? UtA kept saying that they were glad to be one of the last bands to play there but nobody seemed to know an actual date.
Finally some good news! Also Acid, you missed a helluva show! Good God was it loud though.
Are they actually playing there? I haven't been able to find any details on it since the zoo sold. I even messaged the bands facebook page but they didn't have any details on a show other than they were playing in winnipeg. If they're at the zoo I'm there 
Not mine but i saw these on kijiji, seem like decent deals.   http://www.kijiji.ca/v-pro-audio-recording/winnipeg/headphones-beyerdynamic-dt880-pro/1103540403?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true   http://www.kijiji.ca/v-pro-audio-recording/winnipeg/headphones-beyerdynamic-dt990-pro/1103543739?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
This x100. Nothing worse than huge shifts when the season changes.
Holy hell, did you trade everything?
Yup! Can't wait!
Did they go up in value? I thought they used to be a lot cheaper
Did you ever figure out what happened to the Wyrd?
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