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Gotta work all weekend and then I'm helping a friend move on Monday
Could explain why there aren't too many on the market, from what I'm seeing at least.
AKG K272's; not because they were bad or anything, just got reamed on the price.
Surprised you didn't jump on a pair of Denon D5k's as well haha. Having to upgrade all the rest is a hassle, partly why I haven't bothered yet.
Oh, that was a quick turn around on the lcd's. Definitely considering it, I also want to buy some k12/k702 65 annie pads for my k702's. Apparently they make a huge different on the lower end. Might do both if my k272's sell on kijiji.
 Man, you caught upgradeitis real bad
Hmmmmm HF2's on CAM for $480... Also Nathan, in case you need anything:
Been using a Matrix M Stage with my K702's for nearly 2 years now, love the combo and don't really feel the need to upgrade. Although I'm considering buying some k712 pads.
Thanks again for hosting Nathan, great time as always
If you like calmer lows you might like the AKG k702's I'll be bringing.
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