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Price drop down to 159 EUR. Up for sale is an one year old Lovely Cube which had been barely in use with a HD650. Therefore the amp is in perfect shape. (Talema 25VA, fully assembled) Additionally I offer a high quality RCA cable and a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter cable in order to use headphones which only supports 3.5mm jacks and a digital multimeter if you want to upgrade your amp or simply measure the DC offset (with english manual). The reason for selling is my ear...
Why don't you just read some reviews of the M-stage ? LC and M-Stage should be comparable even though the LC should be slightly better. All that I can say so far that the amp sound quality is good and improved within the burn-in time. But I don't want to say too much for now since I've listened to it for 50 hours now. The break in is done within 100 hours. (according to Stephen) I'm really curious about if there will be a further improvement. Don't bother, your money...
Maybe the Audio-GD NFB-12 fits to your needs. It's an amp with integrated DAC for about 200$. I don't know how it sounds though but people around here start going crazy about it. The only con is that you have to wait until you'll get one production schedule lasts til March or April. Matrix Cube is based on the mini-i and as far as I'm concerned it can't compete with the M-Stage. If your'e still considering buying the M-Stage though I can recommend you the Lovely Cube...
Nice   And you replaced the 4700µF and 470µF caps with what kind of caps? Can you hear an improvement?
Thanks Bla ! That really brought some light in the dark. But one thing I'd really like to know is whether it i normal that DC offset goes up with more play time? I used the LC for maybe 10 hours or so and the DC offset rises slowly every with every time I'd put it on.
I've got a question. Is it normal that I've got a DC offset of max. 5mV at a gain of 20dB while I've got 11mV at a gain of 0 ? Should the DC offset stay constant within the burn in time ? Is it normal when it rises or is this a bad sign ?
Just heard my LC the first time. It is my first headphone amp and until now I've also never listened through an amp. The improvement is not thaaat big but what I've experience until now is that the sound gets really more detailed, the harshness is reduced to a fair amount  and a much better location of the instruments. (Just heard for about 30min so thats my very first impression) So the LC seems to do it's work quite well. By the way the DC Offset of my stock LC...
Did you mean with BLC the Lehmann BCL ? If yes, you really think that this combo wouldn't work well ?
    Thats really interesting.. Have you also measured the BD139 and BD140 from the stock LC compared to the BD139/140 you've bought ?
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